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I am looking for a website developer for a project. If it goes well and is priced right, I have several other projects that could be referred as well.

To see samples of the type of look we are going for, check these out:

You Walk Away - Foreclosure Protection Plan and Kit, Foreclosure Assistance, Credit Repair, Stop Foreclosure, Avoid Foreclosure, Prevention
Website Template #18241 by Glenn
Website Template #18264 by Glenn

Here is the functionality the site needs:

We have three products that we offer, related to home owners in default or foreclosure. I can provide detailed descriptions of each service as we move forward, but suffice it to say for now there are three products, with price points of $999, $2499 and $4999 respectively.

I need a website that will provide the following benefits and have the following features:

-MySql database, and the ability to do multiple-stage applications (gather some simple info first, and then take them to step 2 or 3 of the app process and keep all that data together)

-Integrated affiliate management system (similar to youwalkaway (dot) com

-Must incorporate google analytics to the site

-Must incorporate a merchant system onto the site. The ability to take payments online is critical.

-Must be SEO friendly, and include html titles, meta keywords and meta descriptions for our niche keywords

-Must be web 2.0 friendly, as we will utilize social marketing, etc to market the site

-Must be completely scalable so our in house webmaster could take over and add, etc. We would prefer to provide access to our cpanel to set up the project on our servers to ensure compatibility from the start

-The funnel for the site should be thru a squeeze page, and then onto the existing site. For an example of what I mean, check out one of my links - MyOptInPage.com

- Site needs to incorporate with salesforce CRM management system

Ok, thats it. Please PM me with pricing and I'll get back to you right away.
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