Want To Have A Site Similar To RetailMeNot.Com for FREE?

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Hi Warriors,

Do you want have a site similar to RetailMeNot.Com for free?

I need your help. I'm in need of alternative headlines to my husband's ReviewsScript.com for my split testing.

I will select 5 headlines. It means 5 people can get free copies of coupon script. Thanks!

Best Regards,

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    "FREE" seems to be a sticky here ... or all over the internet... you want things but they have to be " FREE " no offense

    But if you want to make money or want to achieve any other goal then I think paying a few bucks is not a big fat loss ...

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      Yeah, you're right. I also think of it earlier that is why I hired someone to do this for me and I'm happy that the writer was so creative and already produced several headlines now. Anyway, thanks!
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        Please close this thread, mod. Thanks!
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        • Hi Mers. Mabuhay! I won't offer alternative headlines. I'm just a content writer, after all, and not a copywriter.

          However, I'd like to offer a heads up on your choice of slogan.

          "Analysing Products And Motivate Customers To Buy Now."

          First, "analysing" is spelt incorrectly.

          Second, there is an inconsistency in tenses with the usage of the verbs "analysing" (sic) and "motivate."

          Again, I'm no copywriter, Mers, but I'm certain these glaring errors, displayed prominently on the virtual face of the product itself, are costing you some customers as we speak.

          To your success.

          - Johnny
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            Tip for you Johnny: If your "location" is the "World Wide Web", you might want to know that different parts of it spell things differently

            "analysing" is the British spelling, "analyzing" is the American spelling.
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            • Thank you for that "tip," Kathy. I was aware of that possibility (as I perceived it back then), and I appreciate the verification you provided.

              I do maintain my observation, however, that in the context of the said sales page, the word was indeed spelt incorrectly. I saw the header and I saw the eCover, and they revealed that the intention was to use "analyzing" instead of "analysing."

              Or I may be too presumptuous, and it may be the other way around.

              Or perhaps the difference in spelling was intended so that the sales page would be truly global in its inconsistencies.

              Nevertheless, whether the inconsistency is intentional or not, it remains a glaring error - seemingly or actual - that is quite dangerous for the thread starter's business, one which she and her good husband Ross should rectify at the soonest possible time.

              - Johnny
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