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Hi there,

I am trying to download the free shopping cart from OS Commerse which i can do but i cant seem to get the thing to load so i can see the software to start designing the site before uploading to my host.
I am using a Macbook for this operation........Does this cause problems?

I have also tried to do the same on my daughter PC but it will still not run.

can anyone give me any advice please

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    I've created dozens of osc sites over the years however I always started out on a cheap shared linux hosting account because it's a pain to configure osc to run in anything other than lamp. Not that it won't work, however the costs savings typically isn't worth it. Plus you can install it using fantastico and be up and running in a few minutes so you can devote your efforts to designing.
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      Sorry i didnt understand a word of that.

      I have downloaded the file onto my Macbook, located the "install" file and it will not do anything.
      Surely i can open the program, design the site then upload to an host of my choice eh?
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    You have to have it installed on a linux host before you can load it to configure and re-design.

    The easiest is through CPANEL

    Otherwise it is a matter of uploading files, creating a MySQL db, linking the 2 and making sure all the folders are the right permissions.

    Full install instructions come with it.

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      That makes perfect sense cheers
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