Help please: Mini site + brick and mortar?

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I was just contacted by a friend of mine who's boss needs a website for his basketball academy. The guy at this point wants a website because he heard he should have one... I don't think there is really a master plan behind the whole thing.

I was thinking I could help him create the website and market it locally so that he actually realizes the potential of having a well optimized page driving traffic to his academy. I was thinking something in terms of a mini-site with a few options:

-Standard graphic header and footer.
-Optin for either free "improve your skills tips" or some sort of training video
-Sections for content such as news, events, pictures and such.

What I don't know is how much I should charge for such a project (I probably will outsource most)

I also thought I could offer the website creation and then sell additional services such as the autoresponders, and article marketing and such.

Any ideas on how I should handle this?


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