I'd Like To Thank Frank Kern And Eban Pegan For Making Me....

by Daniel E Taylor 6 replies
In light of all the guru bashing that goes on,
and ugly stories of top marketers, I actually
have a good one.

First let me say this, I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT

Yesterday I put on my first teleseminar for my niche.

I did everything wrong as far as planning and promotion
and I still made a crapload of money! 100% profit.

It was so spur of the moment that I didn't get
to send out an email until the MORNING of the event.

I got the idea to do teleseminars with big names
in my industry from Eban Pegans "Interviews with dating gurus"
and I digested like 50 of these audios picking up on
how to actually conduct a content filled interview.

Not to mention I can pick up hot girls all day as a bonus!

Also I studied alot of Frank Kern Audios, and what I learned
was to give content, content, and more content and
give a little pitch at the end.

And I threw in a few little hints through the call.

Basically if it wasn't for me learning from these guys
I would have did a 60 minute audio about on the
surface stuff and pitching.

It was really fun and great stuff. and my subscribers loved it.

Thanks for puttin out all the free info.

And thats just a few things I've learned from
watching all their videos and free content man. Im killing it in my niche!

I'm up to 1000 opt ins per day. on my main niche site.

Oh and I have to give frank kern credit because he had
put out a video on sales pages where he was saying screw
all the fluff and be direct.

So I deleted my old long sales page and put up one that
told them what I was offering, What it will do for them,
and closed the sale.

And there are alot of Anti-guru's and haters,
maybe if you'd shut the hell up and actually
take time to digest and implement this stuff
you would actually make some money!

Thanks again,
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