Easiest Way to Make Money (On Amazon, Experimental!!)

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I need some input in regards to this method, its so BRAINDEAD simple it scares me.

If you're an amazon affiliate, you log in to your affiliate account and do a product search and get a link, example:

http: www . amazon.com/gp/product/B0015TCML0?ie=UTF8&tag=YOUR_AMAZON_ID_IS_USUALLY_H ERE-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B0015TCML0

You simply copy that link and bookmark the *** out of that link, backlinks etc..etc..

This is experimental (i didnt do any amazon in a while)...but some things to consider:

Despite the fact that this is (probably) the easiest way ever to promote something...it might have extreme "ranking power" due the fact that it is an amazon URL!

Is it just me, does this have some potential or did i miss something?

Someone could do keyword research, find some "good looking" products and then just bookmark and you will rank for those links with your amazon ID embedded!?!?glgl
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    Imagine if you could publish these links to Twitter and they turned up in live search on...say.... Google in a few minutes time

    Bare Murkage.........

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    OMG... /faints
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    I am really interested in this. I think I have heard something like this before.

    Will you update this thread with the results?
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      Why didn't I think of that? That actually seems like something that might work although probably not very long.

      I might try it though

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        You are genius. Are you saying that bookmark these link every where (digg, social marketing etc) and use may be Angela's back links etc?

        Look forward to your results.


        BTW I sent a PM to you about month or so ago about one of the script you are selling but didn't get any reply. Can you look into it and let me know?
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    You can also make an RSS feed and make those rank.
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    I just tried it and made a sale before I could even post a response to this thread.


    Nice tip!

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    There are some folks making thousands promoting seasonal products...

    Some of them includes, "Top 10 Gifts for Christmas 2009", "Top 10 toys for Xmas 2009" etc...

    people will be buying crazy during Christmas!!
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