The Danger Of Promoting Internet Marketing Products

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After spending some years in the internet marketing industry,
i realized there is some "danger" in promoting all those internet marketing
products, teaching people how to make money online.

This is especially true for people just beginning in IM.

There are 2 major flaws here:

1. If you are promoting IM products to other marketers, most
of the marketers will put their own affiliate links and purchase the
products, so that they themselves will have a huge discount and you
will be losing all the commissions after all the hard work, and especially
if you are promoting using ppc...

2. Most Internet marketing products encourage you to promote back
their own product, which means you are likely to be trapped in the
Internet marketing niche which is really small as compared to all the other
niches you can find in the world.

I may be wrong but do you mind sharing your experiences in promoting IM products?
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    Originally Posted by thomashoi View Post

    trapped in the
    Internet marketing niche which is really small
    "make money online" alone has 20.000 daily searches....hardly a small niche?
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      I promote Internet Education Online, leveraging yourself with learning Internet Marketing at an Expert level, you can write your ticket for life !!! There is still something like 95% of people with a Retail - Paycheck mentality. They will all be entering the IM world over the next 10 years. We are slowly leaving a 1040 world to a 1099 world with more and more people becoming Entrepreneurs.

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      Originally Posted by GeorgR. View Post

      "make money online" alone has 20.000 daily searches....hardly a small niche?
      Thanks for your comments...

      but if you were to dig deeper, you will discover that the phrase "make money online"

      make money online in stock
      make money online in trading
      make money online in forex
      make money online in betting

      and many other sub niches that can make money online....

      that probably leaves internet marketing to be small..... as compared to other
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    I have had no shortage of people buy my products with their own affiliate link. So I get what you're saying, but the newbie purchaser will never know to do this.
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    I believe internet marketing industry is no longer a small niche
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    The solution: write and sell your own IM info products.
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      Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

      You're telling me!

      It's really dismaying, hearing about the huge numbers of people who as their introduction to IM have gone into the "make money online" niche, and set about promoting products on Clickbank for which 95%+ of the potential customers are already affiliates, and are then wondering why they can't earn a commission on them.

      Only a couple of weeks ago, in another forum, I saw a thread started by someone with a new Clickbank product like this, openly seeking affiliates for it. I can't remember the title or anything (which is probably just as well), but could hardly believe my eyes. (Of course, many of that forum's newbies will be interested and will sign up as affiliates and promote the thing). I posted very, very briefly, simply asking if the product was itself aimed at Clickbank affiliates, i.e. if that's who the potential customers were, and got a reply post saying "Yes, people buying this product will be Clickbank affiliates" (that's almost verbatim).

      Obviously, that terminated my own "interest" in becoming an affiliate - I never really had one actually, I just wanted the newbies to realise what was going on (I say "obviously" but to many there it clearly isn't obvious!). How on Earth does anyone expect to earn many affiliate commissions promoting that when all the customers can buy it using their own affiliate-link?!

      I do believe the vendor was not trying to "pull a fast one" but was probably genuinely so naive that he/she simply hadn't thought it through at all and realised that you can't possibly attract and keep good affiliates by selling such a product on Clickbank itself. It's just bizarre.
      thanks for pointing out this... hopefully the newbies will realize this
      and promote other niches where there are much more customers out
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    It is not small it is a rather large market.
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