Different products on a single CB account

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I noticed there are scripts for sale (or free) that enable you to sell multiple products from one CB account.

Is this acceptable by the CB TOS?

Also, has anybody done it and if so what are the disadvantages ?

I wonder why pay $30+ for a new account AND have to practically wait 2 months to get your money. With my underused account I have gone trough all that and in principle i could get Direct deposit every week. = HEAVEN !

All comments will be appreciated.

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  • Clickbank doesn't allow that. They want to review (get paid to review) each product...an you have to make a separate account for each. Haven't heard of the scripts you're talking about...but I know that's clickbank's rule.
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      Originally Posted by killercopy View Post

      Clickbank doesn't allow that. They want to review (get paid to review) each product...an you have to make a separate account for each. Haven't heard of the scripts you're talking about...but I know that's clickbank's rule.
      "ClickBank can sell up to 500 different products per publisher, per account."

      I think the disadvantage to a single account is that the percentage you pay to affiliates has to be the same for all products. That's mentioned in the link BlueSquares put up too.

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    From what i understand, you can have multiple products under one account. But you will have to combine products on 1 affiliate page.
    Multiple products vs Multiple ClickBank accounts

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    Thanks a lot for your answers!

    Michael: Is it easy to set up individual sales pages ? How about the affiliate percentage ? can it be different per product ?

    Thanks !
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    This is from the previous forum - and I'm not sure how to handle affiliate sales - but you can access each product via:

    http://[product number].[yourCBID].pay.clickbank.net

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    I think we are talking about three different things here.
    Vendors can have up to 500 products.
    Each one must be approved by ClickBank
    THE VENDOR can sell one product can have as many sales pages as they want, three, ten, fifty different sales pages per product. You can sell from a two word text ad, from a banner, from inside a book, from a sales page,, from an ad on someone else's domain; it doesn't matter. You don't need any kind of software or special license to do this.
    The picture changes completely when affiliates enter the picture.
    ClickBank is set up so that all affiliates are directed to a single product (that you pick out) and to a single landing page that you pick out. Affiliates are supposed to send prospects to ClickBank to your code, where they pick up a cookie, then they are carried on to your landing page.
    The software comes in at this point and let's you and your affiliates set up multiple landing pages without violating TOS.
    That's fine, but you may not need the software, especially if you only have a few products.
    Set up your landing page as a catalog sheet, with multiple teaser ads that will entice visitors to a sales page for each product. Since the prospects are gating in through ClickBank they pick up a cookie for the affiliate that sent them. But that cookie will work for ALL of your products. It will credit the affiliate with the sale if the prospect buys just one product, or all 500.
    Consequently, if your affiliates know that you are offering an enticement for visiting that landing page that has 500 chances to make a sale, they are going to be inclined to give your place a good trial run.
    So there you have, free gift on one side, enticing ads on the other, more ads inside the free gift. If the prospect orders from inside the free gift your affiliate that sent that prospect through ClickBank receives the commission for the products that sell on your site, or in the free gift.
    I go one step farther and offer another free gift on each sales page, just for visiting. THEN, each sales page links to the other sales pages and again free gifts just for visiting is mentioned to keep the traffic moving until a sale is made.
    No software needed up to this point.
    The real value of the software mentioned above is that it lets affiliates pre-sell multiple products directly from their own site and send their prospects directly to your matching sales pages. They can sell your products from their books, their own web site, or someone else's, and still get paid.
    You can also add branding capabilities to books you let your affiliates use to bring in prospects.
    Why not jump right in and buy the software?
    My advice is to make real sure you have a product that sells before you go to the trouble of setting everything up, unsetting and resetting and every little ten minute job taking up a week or more of your time without bringing in any money.

    Another thing.. Once affiliates begin sending traffic to your primary landing page you can keep right on adding products until you do get a good seller.

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    @Talewins: good advice there for the catalogue page. I love the idea of the extra free gift for visiting and will be implementing it right away!

    @ Sammy: I use EasyClickMate and I like it for the reasons Talewins points out: that it gives affiliates the option to pre-sell a particular product and then send their traffic directly to that salespage--rather than to the catalogue page where they (the prospect) might get confused or annoyed or whatever--and because you can create rebrandable pdfs that link directly to the salespage rather than the catalogue page, etc.

    I do still set up a main catalogue page, though, and make affiliates aware of this option--for the reason Talewins mentioned.

    Why not do both?

    If you don't want to (or can't afford at this point to) buy the extra script, Sammy, then Talewins' strategy is the way to go.

    Set up the catalogue page with the enticements to click-through (an extra free report or whatever is relevant) and find out which ones convert the best. Then, once you've got the money from some winners, get EasyClickMate (or some other script that does the same thing) and configure your site so that your affiliates have the choice of sending their traffic directly to your catalogue page or to the salespage directly.

    Then send out a mailing to let them know this. And add it to your Affiliate Area for new sign-ups.

    They can test what gets better ROI for them.

    Hope that helps!
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    I think i need to get a PhD on Clickbak ....

    I dont understand why i has to be so complicated ...

    @Harvey.Segal: Maybe you are right but it doesnt make sense to me. They would approve one product and then you could add whatever you "feel" like in your list under the same account?

    What happens to your money if they decide something violates their TOS or you get too many chargeback, etc. Do they stop your campaign but eventually you do get your money or are they like payapal and you have t wait 180 days ?

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      Originally Posted by sammy_fox View Post

      @Harvey.Segal: Maybe you are right but it doesnt make sense to me. They would approve one product and then you could add whatever you "feel" like in your list under the same account?
      ClickBank assumes that you will continue to follow
      the guidelines as for the first product. However they
      can review/revoke if necessary.

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