Clickbank Forwarding Problem

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I may be new to this change, but it seems pretty big. That, or I simply don't know how to do a redirect(which I do ).

I set up a page of mine to redirect through my affiliate link to a Clickbank product. When I originally made my landing page, the link worked fine. I went to check the link again today after a sudden plummet of 0 sales for awhile and found that it went to a 404 page. Telling me my own site didn't exist. So I checked, my site is still there. So this is when I did the redirect link in a different way. Rather than in a folder just a normal html page to redirect. Same thing, 404 error.

So then I went to Clickbank and found the product de-listed. Which is fine, that can happen. I changed the redirect with a new product. Same thing. 404 error, my domain doesn't exist. Wonderful. So now, there's the raw affiliate link on the site, no cloaking whatsoever. It works, of course. But for some reason I can't do redirects anymore.

Is this a new problem?
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