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    I would say you have to test your sales funnel. The current one takes them from the home page to the sample page, then a order page. Remove the samples page and put the order button on the sales page itself.

    Also, provide some proof or something and model your copy to those of the top competitors in your niche. The dating niche is uber competitive.
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    I read most of Davids products. How are you marketing this e-book? How much traffic do you expect to get? Also how many hits did you get that make you worry about the conversion rate? One more thing most of Davids products are way more expensive and there are lots of other competitors out there.
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      How many clicks are you getting through from your first page to your second page?

      I'm interested, because I found the second page - far better - than the first.

      I find almost all of the first page copy boring. I get excited at the - end - of the first sales page. If I were reading for the product (and I do this in the niche) I would have clicked away before I got to the exciting parts.

      You say 'give me 3 minutes' etc. It doesn't draw me in at all. Asking that is like saying: "Just give me a chance." Ain't gonna happen. Skip straight to the story and hook me in. Get STRAIGHT to the benefits, or the story.

      "Before I get to that, I'm going to tell you a quick story." Um, why? Do you think your life events are interesting? I don't care.

      Provide a reason for telling the story [DavidDeAngelo does this by saying he 'needs' to, to answer their question...which he of course asked for them]. ALL your story does is say - I can get girls, and my friend can't. That 'proof' is valuable. But if I think you're telling a story JUST to show me that...I'm gonna put up some resistance. (and if you can't even convince your FRIEND to go up to the girls...how could you help me?)

      I found the story dull. There is little 'action' in it. I do not have many visuals flitting across my mind. It is not very concrete. I can see some rapport being gained with what the friend says, however.

      You mention "being yourself" in the copy repeatedly. But, you only mention it near the end. I know that is a big hitting point. Mention it earlier on. Otherwise I might not even read that breath of fresh air.

      Your header mentions "Single" - now that removes a lot of potential customers. Maybe you are specifically targeting them. But the market is hot enough that - even those who are not single - WANT MORE INFO.

      "I'm sure you can relate to some degree" - Remove it. If they agree, they will be nodding along already. Otherwise - who are you to tell me I'm a loser? I don't have to listen to this! *click*

      The biggest killer of the whole thing is telling me I have to do "whatever it takes for as long as it takes." That I have to be committed. !@#$ that ****. (Of course, I agree...but it's just not that great for sales...with the possible exception of the challenge)

      [Also note: In your header you have the words "What You Can Do Right Now"...I'm assuming what they can do right now is make a decision to commit, though I can't recall if you actually stated it plainly. So, you are saying "come here instant gratification seekers" and then saying "don't be an instant gratification seeker" later]

      "So which one are you going to be?" - That "throwing down the gauntlet" is good. But, it would be too late for me. I have clicked away. It's not very powerful either. Don't just ask me. Guide me.

      Mention the PAIN of not being able to hold a woman. The PAIN of feeling unappreciated and acknowledged. The PAIN of seeing all the JERKS getting the girl and being blown off after ALL I DID FOR HER. The JOY of having a 'total 10' hanging on my arm at a party - in front of all my friends AND those jerks etc etc.

      "Most Men Will SUCK At Meeting And Attracting Women For The REST OF THEIR LIVES... This Doesn't Have To Be You!"- Nice. But it is in the future. Are you a psychic? Make it in the present and more urgent. i.e. "Most Men SUCK At Meeting And Attracting Women For Their WHOLE LIVES...This Doesn't Have To Be You!" (You practically said this a couple of lines down, anyhow) - At this point and forward, I was drawn in fast.

      I noticed you include "Even if You Aren't Tall, Rich or Handsome" in the title but you do not mention it - at all- in the actual header or body of the copy and thus...are not easing those concerns.

      You mention secret reason in your copy body. Test out using that word in your headline. i.e. "Discover The Secret Reason"

      "Remember how I earlier I quoted" - Just an extra - I - there I thought I'd point out.

      "then WANTING it is not enough" - Another one. No need for then.

      "The reason why you are single right now and lacking success with women is because [add: you] WANT success with women; you are not COMMITTED to it."


      Second page: I love the header, I love the benefits, I love the section explaining paypal. It DREW ME IN. But, with the bonuses you don't mention their individual value before you mention their total value. So I'm left relying on your dubious powers of arithmetic.

      It is late, so I didn't completely read the second page, and haven't said everything I want to about the first. But it HOOKED ME, unlike the first page...which I actually had to put in some effort to read.

      So - to summarize: The first 3/4 of the first page almost had me fall asleep, apart from the times I objected to being told a story I didn't care about, the insinuation that I was socially inept and being told I have to do "whatever it takes, however long it takes," and putting up all my inner concerns that are for the most part not successfully succumbed.
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        My first impression was that the title 'Creating Success With Women' isn't dramatic or eye catching enough. It's a good, descriptive title but it doesn't really grab me. The sales copy is good, again I think it could be more eye catching and dramatic though, and I also wanted to see the 'buy now' button at the bottom of the page. I disagree with others who say the price is too high and agree with you I'm going to bring out an ebook in the relationship niche in the next few months, most similar books are $37 and $50 but I am going to sell mine for $27 at the most. Your mindset of providing a lot of value is a good one IMO.

        I'm amazed that you're completely relying on PPC for traffic. You need to get your site and this product EVERYWHERE. You should definitely be building a list too. If this was my product I'd be doing the following:-

        -Submitting a press release to at least all the free sites
        -Driving traffic with articles
        -Creating Web 2.0 sites with a link back
        -Registering and posting on dating forums with a signature link
        -Making and submitting videos to Youtube and others

        You could maybe try advertising at Facebook and MySpace in addition to Google too. You have what I'm sure is a very good(and well priced) product on your hands here - let the world know! The very best of luck
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    Maybe you should put up a squeeze page with a teaser report or a e-course as the main page and redirect the folks who sign up to the sales page.

    It`s always my recommendation to get people to your list and give them lots of value (build trust as they say) and it`s always easier to make sales.

    Once you get folks to your list and give them lots of good content, all you need to do is add a P.S. to your follow-up message where you say something like: "Hey, you would like to get even more of info about ________? (fill in the blank) just check this out and...

    So, get people on your list and you should be just fine.

    Oh, and once you got your squeeze page up, you can get traffic and subs using article marketing etc. And once your list has grown a bit, you can locate people on the same niche and do ad swaps with them and you will make money for sure.

    The Money is in the list...or rather in the relationship with your list...

    I hope this helps


    Most of internet marketers pressure the importance of having your own email list…

    Yeah, talking `bout the good old phrase that goes:“Money is in the list” But That`s not the whole truth…click here to Read this free report and know the truth...
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    I agree that the price is too low.

    The sample pages link just takes you to part two of the sales page - not to sample pages - so you lose credibility there. I would suggest combining those pages into one.

    Also, put a couple of buy buttons much earlier in the story - in the top third of page 1.

    A more serious issue: I could open your site fine in Firefox, but IE8 just returns a completely blank page for me.

    That woiuld affect the page performance big time!

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at http://kickstartnewsletter.com
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    I just took a quick look at your source code and I think the IE8 problem may stem from the fact that your title tag isn't correctly closed.

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at http://kickstartnewsletter.com
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    I hate to say it, but get rid of the picture.

    You look like a gay hombre!

    Absolutely no offense meant :-)
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    To be honest dude,

    your lame story about getting 2 phone numbers in a minute and setting up a date is complete BS. Just how stupid do you think people are? and your assertions that the person reading the copy is unhappy is also quite patronizing as well.

    Your sales copy is unoriginal, lame, predictable BS story of how you went from chump to champ, then you imply you are a natural, and you claim that what you have written is unique when any person with any ounce of intelligence will realize that is complete bullsh*t because just about every other person who has written a dating book is an expert and knows everything as well. All of these supposed secrets about frame control and cocky funny etc are not your original ideas so claiming you discovered them is highly unethical and people in that pua community do talk about products that get released and you will get a very bad rap once you are discovered.

    As far as branding is concerned, very poor choice of name, I think you missed the point of why Eben chose: Double Your Dating, it is actually a misnomer. You have never read the book have you?

    Most people are alot smarter nowadays and know that 'dating' in the traditional sense of the word is a waste of time and money which will get you nowhere no matter how much of a natural you may think you are as you are effectively trying to bribe the woman for sex.

    I could keep going but you get the idea. I agree with above and get rid of the picture, you look like one of those gay metrosexuals which I am pretty certain will turn alot of guys off.

    Agree that if you are even going to attempt to compete with Eben and all that mystery method/love systems crap, then you may as well make it worth your while and charge more.

    Which brings me to my next point.

    What street credit do you have, who are you?

    And as for those testimonials, didn't you just complain that you weren't making any sales? where did these come from. I'm sure I don't have to remind you that making false claims is a violation of the law and will come back to bite you.


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    Try giving A ONE TIME OFFER like 50 % off only for one day to create urgency

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      What a great headline that you've here.

      "Shut The Door, Turn Off Your Cell Phone And Make Sure That NOBODY Is Watching... "

      It builds curiosity in me right after reading this
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        good feedback so far, i'm actually IN the dating market (i write under a pen name), so i can give a bit more educated feedback...

        you're trying to emulate DYD, but theres a lot going on 'under the hood' you are totally missing... a LOT.

        hate to say it, but the copy is boring, and needs a LOT of work.

        its a multipage sales letter, are you testing each page in the sequence? if not, hit your head against the wall.... you should be, this will tell you WHERE you're having issues.

        we base our opinions on DATA, not what ppl just 'think'.

        second, you picked one of the toughest markets to enter. No one in that market knows you from a hole in the wall.... you've got guys who have killer publicity, magazines, tv shows, and are ON the DYD programs.

        If you don't have that type of 'street cred' in the dating market, you're toast.

        I've been in almost every dyd product as a guest speaker.... i've been on abc, vanity fair, playboy, wall street journal and a ton of other stuff.

        thats real proof and credibility, if you ain't got it, your copy better be AMAZINGLY sick.

        What makes you thing DIFFERENT than dyd or the other stuff thats out there?

        What would make a guy go to YOU instead of these other guys?

        the names gotta go.... it sounds like a generic PLR product. No one wants to create success with women, the name doesn't work. they just want success.... no one wants to work for it... i.e. the magic bullet.

        hope it helps.

        “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
        ― Dalai Lama XIV

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    Well, you can try it with some good offers that can attract more visitors and that may boost your conversions.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    In my opinion, $19 is too low a price for the dating niche. Any number around $50 maybe would imply a higher peceived value, and start making sales.

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    You said:

    You want to create massive success with women. This is kind of weird.

    Also, if your sales ad is not that good, people will probably not buy from you. Plus, I would recommend that you post a BUY NOW button on your first page.

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      As another poster mentioned, DYD clones are a dime a dozen. Maybe it's because I'm not in your market (happily married and monogamous for over 28 years), but I got bored before I got to the fold.

      If I were to be looking for a dating guide, I'd be looking for pictures of the gorgeous women I want, not some serious guy looking down his nose at me.

      I didn't notice any opt-in box - are you capturing names? If so, how many messages are you sending? I signed up for the DYD list as a research project - at last count I have 299 emails in the folder.

      If you want an ad to model, get hold of just about any skin mag from the mid to late 70s. There was an outfit that ran very expensive paid ads for years selling what it appears you are offering. The headline was something to the effect of "Get any Woman to Do Anything You Want". Under that was a photo of an attractive woman in the act of undressing while looking you straight in the eye (tasteful, at least for the medium, unbuttoning a blouse, unzipping jeans, etc.). The copy promised a series of simple techniques that were almost hypnotic in their power to get women to like you, date you, and...

      Like I say, those ads ran for years in magazines that charged 5 figures (in 70s dollars) for a quarter page ad. The price point was $19.95, plus 75 cents postage. I'd also bet they had a killer back end to the funnel, although I couldn't say as I never bought the book.

      Just a suggestion...

      Sometimes its better to copy a successful promotion from another time or medium than it is to copy the current big dog...
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    Very tough to monetize PPC for an ebook at this price point. I would seriously think about the backend monetization of your product. You were talking about Eben. I would look at this flow. That guy has such a rich backend monetization model that extends far beyond ebooks.

    IF you are doing PPC, I think I would ask questions like what is your ave. position? CPC?

    You might be better off focusing on a sandwich or squeeze page and focus on backend sales through e-mail. You definitely need a continuity and some upsells. And, then, I think you can start talking to affiliates and JV partners.
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    I'm not in the dating niche myself, so take my feedback as you may.

    It seems to me that what you need in this niche is a reputation. Create a name for yourself. I would say the best way to do this is by making live videos. Make spycam-style videos of yourself being incredibly good with women - getting numbers really quickly, approaching them and opening them up to you really quickly, getting them to ask you for dates, having them drooling for you etc.

    Then, make sure that those videos get seen by a ton of people.

    Of course, this requires lots and lots of work and skill. In my estimation, you would probably have to shoot about 100 video sequences to get 15 to 20 good ones (if you are very skillful).

    Finally, once people in the niche know about you, do something really provocative and controversial.

    I know that none of this is a quick fix, but if you can make it happen, people will be begging you for a product.
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    OK. Gotta tell ya, being in the copywriting and marketing niche as long as I have, I see a lot of bad copy daily and an equal amount of bad advice on how to improve bad copy from guys who couldn't write a killer sales sentence if their lives depended on it even part time.

    Having said that, I gotta say this... Listen to virtually everything these guys have posted here for you. In all my time in this forum I have never seen these many on point pieces of advices from so many posters. This is gold nugget stuff and you should have a ton of notes chuck full of points you will implement starting yesterday if you're dead serious about making this product work for you.

    I would have added my 2 cents, but that would be a waste of time for you, you have EVERYTHING you need in the above posts. If I were you I'd make a to do list and get busy.

    This is top dollar stuff. Well done to everyone who posted their 2 cents. Loving this!


    Kunle Olomofe
    Celebrity Marketing Formula - How To Quickly Become A Celebrated Authority In ANY Industry/Niche... Coming Soon.
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    I would never buy this! Why ? Copy way too long. Very long copies turn me off. Bad Title and Bad Header. No catching title, too bored to continue. Who the hell is in that pic? Pictures of future mating sexy girls would be better after all it's men viewing the page. Or couples mating happily. More graphics and less talk. Get off the paying ads, and do more research on keywords that can drive traffic first, then when you know your side or sub-sub keywords well, go for PPC for a boost.

    "Here Is The Reason Why You Are Single And What
    YOU Can Do About It Right Now To Meet And Date
    The Women You've Always Wanted"
    Where is the key word optimization? Right here on the the header?

    and this?
    <title>Success With Women - How to Create Success With Women... Even If You Aren't Tall, Rich or Handsome/title>
    Success with women? what do you mean? in business? in cleaning? working? college? not clear at all.
    Sorry but you gonna have to go thru this or get some pro to do it for you.



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      Hi LifestyleTrans,

      It is a brave thing to entering into a such crowded niche jam packed with many many excellent names and products.

      I saw your pages.

      You know, the phylosopher's stone isn't with me. But I've experienced, only imitating big name's product isn't enough to survive -- what is more to win in that field.

      Fortunately, you've got a goldmine of useful advices above. I don't want to repeat them. You may learn a lot. I'd like only add that if someone want to be succed, he need to be unique.

      If I were you, I'd develop them according to the advices. I believe, you can build a better site if you apply them.

      Wishing you an effective work,


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    I clicked on the contactus page and got a big "404" page-not-found error.

    Maybe that is scaring people off?

    Also, why should someone listen to you? It's not immediately apparent.

    - Ravi Jayagopal
    Podcast about Membership Sites & Online Courses
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    More traffic, traffic, traffic. What kind of method are you using? Do your service offer something unique from that of your competitors? Find out what your target prospect want? You need to do some research and testing.
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    This is a heavy competition niche, and the top people in this niche are millionares. What kind of advertising are you doing?
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      1. You need a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). If you've modelled your sales process after Double Your Dating, then why should someone buy your book instead of theirs? You need to show people why your product is different from all the other dating products out there. What are you teaching that nobody else is? What makes you especially qualified to teach it?

      2. I agree that "Creating Success With Women" is too generic and vague. You could get away with that if you were already someone with a lot of credibility in the niche, but as an unheard of, you should go with something more catchy.

      3. Unless you already know a big name in this niche who will vouch for you, you need to be willing to spend some time building up credibility. Most of the people who've launched successful products in this area didn't start out selling products. They started out posting on "how to pick up chicks" forums for free and gained a following that way, so that when they did eventually come out with a product, people were already interested.

      You can still use more traditional marketing avenues like press releases and publicity, but at the end of the day, guys are still going to want proof that you can a) get hot girls yourself. b) teach them how to get hot girls.
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    OK, you've received a LOT of advice in this thread, some of it is rather shocking to say the least!

    First off, I recommend completely ignoring all the advice that has to do with nobody knowing who you are... or needing "street cred". Everyone starts off as a nobody.. with patience you will become a somebody.

    Also, you are going to receive too many different conflicting opinions on your sales copy, product price etc... I firmly believe that if Eben Pagan himself were to throw up his site here and say he isn't getting any sales, then everyone would rip his site to shreds. (That is, if nobody knew who he was or was aware of his business).

    I've found that it's not a good idea to copy someone else's site to closely. Model, but don't copy!

    That being said, I would concentrate on off site SEO stuff. That's where you get your converting traffic. Yes, PPC will get you a lot but it also costs alot.

    Are you getting your articles out there? Are you link building? Are you putting ads on dating related sites? How is your site ranking for important keywords. These are all things you have to work at.

    I'm in a similar niche, and at one point nobody knew me either but once I got my ebook out there, the sales started coming in. It takes patience and don't let anyone tell you the niche is too competitive either! If you do your marketing the right way, you CAN be successful. Start testing and getting more traffic then come back and see if you still aren't getting any sales.

    Good luck.
    Under Construction
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    Honestly the sales page isn't attracting at all. I mean it makes you wanna get off the page. Make it a little more colorful. Put what they are getting or what the ebook will do to them in bullets. Basically put your self in your customer place and ask yourself would you buy it? Just my 2 cents. The above advice is also awesome well most of it.

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    Your above-the-fold copy and layout isn't doing it for me.
    Your headline is long-winded - too many words to say
    something that isn't very original.

    Your picture here doesn't work for me. I advocate using
    a pic, but here it's the wrong one I think.

    The problem you're having - and it's been mentioned by
    posters above - is that you aren't differentiating
    effectively from the start. You've got a lot packed into
    the letter and the bullets (too many bullets I think, and
    presented as an onslaught) so I think there must be some
    "competitive mental angle" (Ries and Trout) - an opportunity
    to create a USP (Unique selling proposition).

    What you need to do is isolate those elements that have
    the potential to bring sparkle! to your presentation,
    and bring those elements to the surface where they are
    clearly visible.

    If this were easy to do everybody would be doing it. Instead
    90% or more of businesses and products suffer from
    marginalization ("The Sticking Point Solution" - Jay Abraham).

    Finally - these days in the maven biz it's really your pre-selling
    efforts that tips the scales in your favor. If you're sending
    cold traffic to this page, expect a chilly result unless you've
    got that rockin' USP.

    However, if you were to aggressively pre-sell your product via
    blogging and video stuff (either or both), podcast, and so forth,
    then you give folks an ability to both LIKE you and see that
    you are COMMITTED - both factors which will attract followers
    and customers to you.
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    Originally Posted by LifestyleTrans View Post

    I created an amazing e-book that got a few sign-ups on my list, but I haven't been getting any sales from Google Ads or very many since.

    It's a dating e-book called "Creating Success With Women" in the dating advice niche for men.

    I basically modeled David DeAngelo (aka Eben Pagan) as he is the top guy in this niche. He has an ebook called Double Your Dating that I modeled his sales page.

    But again, no conversions to sales.

    Can you guys give me any feedback to why? What can I do better?

    I don't want to waste time and money driving traffic but not get any conversions. Here's the site:


    If I have to make any change my brother I will start with the name. I can remember it's one of the concept taught my Eben. I think the name is not sexy enough.

    Just my little cent.
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    I checked your traffic stats and you're in the
    13 millions... your site is still very new and if
    there's very little coming by, it's only natural
    that there's very little buying conversions.

    Starting bringing more traffic to the site!

    And of course, implement the valuable strategies
    freely given to you in the responses above.

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    You got a treasure of golden advice here in this thread. If you applied these I am sure you would start cruising.



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    • Profile picture of the author Chris Worner
      Originally Posted by LifestyleTrans View Post

      1) To clear things up with some of the people here, I am extremely credible in what I do. I've been involved in the dating community for over 5 years now and am one of the top coaches in Vancouver, along with my team in my company. I've been privileged to have now coached hundreds of men through our Bootcamps and other Coaching services. And thousands with our seminars. We host Dating Mastery Seminars every Thursday in Vancouver that are successful and Bootcamps every month, along with a Men's Club and a few other things going on. So, I am very well known in the Vancouver dating scene (which is where we offer our services), but not internationally or through the seduction community yet. The purpose of launching a book was so that I could become known internationally, and then begin selling other products (such as a kickass DVD series we have right now in post-production). But, for those of you that know the seduction community, I am friends with guys like Zan (who asked me to coach for him) as well as Johnny Soporno and a few others.
      This is great dude, but how do you plan on substantiating these claims?

      Again, if you want to build up some street credit, you will have to do what the others did and get involved in that pua community and post on their forums and build a name for yourself, making claims and appearing out of nowhere isn't going to help you as nobody knows who you are.

      And to Christoph Young, Eben had spent a lot of time in the forums building a name for himself before he released DYD so evidently you have no idea what you are talking about.

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  • I think create a squeeze page with a video which will lead them to the sales page instead of having all that text right away. I suggest using wordpress. This blog post may help: http://vurl.bz/WAHMexpert/Wordpress-theme/
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  • Profile picture of the author Kevin Marshall
    I'm not an expert in creating a product, but I also believe the sales copy is too long. I don't have a half hour to read your sales copy. I hate long one page sales copies, and I certainly don't have the patience for two pages.

    I would shorten up your sales copy to one page. This is way too long for me to read through all this.

    Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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    That's a LOT of text for anyone to read.

    Are you tracking your stats, i.e. how long visitors are staying on your page?

    Like someone mentioned before, a video/squeeze might be another option.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1500038].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author SuzanneH
    When I first visited, I saw the sales page right away; no opt-in. I'm using Firefox 3.5.5.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1500124].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author JamesBone777
    I guess enticing Squeeze Page will do the conversion and the sales.Dating Niche is huge and so is the competition..
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1500156].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author HomeComputerGames
    My experience comes from being single (widower) for many years. If I was on the hunt for some insights I would be looking for proof positive:

    Did I just save 1000 words?

    yes, I am....

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1500174].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Heuristic
      I checked out your Vancouver site and watched a video. At least you are walking the walk when it comes to dating, seduction, etc. Well done. It looks like you could be on to something if you can get your name and brand out there.

      Your approach reminds me of a famous pickup artist named Mystery. He did a lot of video of real, live pickup techniques. I think you are onto something by recording your boot-camp members applying the techniques in real time. It educates and entertains at the same time.

      Undoubtedly, the more video you get out there (Youtube, etc), the better off you're going to be. It's all about branding.

      Best of luck

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  • Profile picture of the author robvegas626
    I run several sites, and have written numerous books, that are popular in the dating/seduction niche. I've been in this niche for years and count many of the top experts in this business among my friends. Not only are we legitimate experts at what we write about, but we also work as hard as anyone at IM.

    The products that do well in this niche these days are more targeted towards specific areas of dating. The market does not need another "how to be good with women" product as it's just too generic, and it will be very hard to rank for any keywords. Like the above poster said, check the Clickbank marketplace and you'll see a litany of generic dating books buried at the bottom of the pile.

    Not trying to sound critical. I'm happy to offer advice and have actually mentored a few guys who wanted to get involved in this niche, so just send me a PM if you want to discuss it further...
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1500300].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author WebSolutionKey
    This niche has hell lot of competitors. Your page looks very wierd and esp. first page has stuffs that would make a visitor get bored of your page (ultimately you lose a sale). So, i believe doing PPC is not going to help you in anyway boosting your sales without fixing up few issues in your page.

    Concentrate first on your on-page optimization first.
    1. Make some attractive phrases that would make visitors stay on your page for a longer time. Do some innovative works on your page like changing new designs and other stuffs. This would make it look cool for visitors to buy your ebooks.

    2. You could have modeled David DeAngelo as he is the top guy in this niche. But your mistake is trying to do business in the same way he did. Always business needs some innovative thoughts and good marketing to thrive upon.

    3. Most important thing is when you are selling a product online, always your first step should be focused on displaying your product in the very first page with some hot offers to urge the visitors to end up buying your product!!! (Right now i could not even find a single ADD TO CART button in your first page)

    4. Finally, marketing is the best way to increase number of buyers for your ebook. If you don't establish your site, how will people know about your product. So, apart from PPC, do some high PR dofollow backlinkings, articles and blog submissions and other stuffs.
    It's neccessary to spend in initial stages to establish yourself when you do business in some hot niche. Else, sell your ebooks in some high PR sites giving a part of your sales to them.

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  • Profile picture of the author iw
    Try to change the order button to "the belcher button" and do a split test.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1500825].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author JAIDEEP2959
      You need to add more attractive graphics.

      Submit it to Clickbank rather than selling on E-junkie so as to get more affiliates to promote your product.

      Good Luck.
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1511048].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author netkid
      Another big thing that would help (no one mentioned yet) is Video. Video rules. Either do a vid yourself or make a Camtasia type of video that reveals the problem men have getting a date. Make it a unique "commercial" and you will have more likelihood of people noticing what you have to offer. Don't forget to include a call to action.

      Overall, I agree with many of the posters here that this is a very saturated market.

      Second best thing is to research all your competition's websites. See how polished and crappy the sites are, including landing pages and opt-ins. There is no better way by copying that latest style on the dating sites currently up.

      Click on the Google Adwords ads too. They are paying big money for clicks but you can further your research by taking a good look and studying how they present their sites. This is all "free" education....

      Hope that helps.
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1537141].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author jwalker33
    I agree that the title isn't attractive enough but other than that it looks good, well written landing page.
    Just try to advertise your book. The offer of a sample is a good start. Have you tried writing articles and submitting them to article directories?
    I got a lot of traffic doing that for some of my sites.
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  • Profile picture of the author whawk57
    Hey HomeComputerGames Nice catch there! I like the pic now, with confidence lol


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  • Profile picture of the author Wage Mills
    I would change change the layout to something different.
    It would look like a scam to most people.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1510432].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Rod Cortez
      I've been in the uber-competitive dating niche now for over 5 years and I've coached people on how to break into this crazy azz niche in the past (no longer). The first thing I can tell you is your sales copy is weak. I would get a professional to rework it. Secondly, a $19 price point for your book is fine IF you have a series of products that will follow it. Notice that all the major players in this niche have a LINE of products and/or seminars and/or boot camps. If you're going the PPC route this is not an option, you've got to have a comprehensive back-end strategy.

      Good luck.
      "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
      - Jim Rohn
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  • Profile picture of the author gregbanks
    Love the salespage!

    You have a nice flow to it. And although I would change a few things, the real pain for me is the "continue here" at the bottom.

    I don't want to continue - i just wantto scroll down and see what you have to offer in an instant. I would personally put it all onto one page and see what happens.
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael Kohler
    The sales page is awesome. Going from the 1st to second page broke my attention, and then I thought it was too long (if it were one page, I would not have thought that). Then, you need a cool graphic header and footer. Do just a head shot. And finally, the price actually made me think I just wasted my time. If you had $97 lowered to $77, and then with a Dave Guinden "WAIT!" thingy, dropping it down to $67, it will have a higher perceived value and they will also think they are getting a discount. Just a thought, but over all the copy was great. Good job!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1511098].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Coyotex
    For what it's worth, I must agree, the picture has got to go. The only reason being, I don't want to see a guy' pix when I'm looking for something that would help me be successfull with women.

    I'm a HUGE David D. mark and I don't recall ever seeing his picture until well after I purchased his ebook back in the early 2000. Now, you can find his pic anywhere, but back then, good luck!

    I think you have something here. A lot of good advice on this thread. Take what you feel comfortable with and run with it!

    Let us know how you're doing!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1533907].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Dennis Gaskill
    I'm an old married guy and haven't been on the dating scene for many years, so take this for what it is, but...

    When I got to this part of your page:
    In less than five years, I approached over 5,000 groups of women, studied every "success with women" program available, and had some of the best dating experts "take me under their wing".
    ...you lost all credibility with me. A little quick math in my head told me 5,000 groups of women in 5 years is 1,000 a year, or almost 3 per day on average.

    I thought, who has time for that? And who keeps track of how many groups of women they approach anyway? Do you have notebook where you logged all this down? It's a weird and unbelievable claim to me. You may be the most honest guy in the world, but I don't believe that claim for one second. If others think that too, you lose the sale.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1533963].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Dr Dan
    congrats on your new page. their is alot of great advice here already. also their is some light bashing here too. so dont take anything personal because their hearts are in the right place and they are just trying to help ya.

    Here is some of my advice.

    Hire one the warriors here to rewrite your salespage. I know 2 guys here that will do it for as little as $200-250.

    Get rid of the 2nd page and have your order button on the first page. less distractions are what you are looking for.

    never use testimonials without putting the whole name there. endorsements from name like j.c. in utah just screams "fake".

    offer your ebook here in the warriors special offers for testimonials.

    if you dont have a free report to capture emails then just offer the first 3 chapters for free. make it the 3 free secrets etc. I did this with my dating book and that is how I got over 500 subscribers. I did that with horrible seo tactics. so imagine if you used what you got and you could easily have over 1000 subscribers in less than a week probably.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1534044].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Rod Cortez
      Originally Posted by rockstarinlife View Post

      never use testimonials without putting the whole name there. endorsements from name like j.c. in utah just screams "fake".
      Keep in mind that some people that give testimonials want the name shown that way, not everyone is comfortable giving their first and last name publicly. After tons of eyeball testing in this niche, most people don't pay attention to the name after the testimonial. It really doesn't matter. Powerful and persuasive sales copy and/or videos and/or audio goes a long way.

      "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
      - Jim Rohn
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1534270].message }}
      • Profile picture of the author Dr Dan
        Originally Posted by Rod Cortez View Post

        Keep in mind that some people that give testimonials want the name shown that way, not everyone is comfortable giving their first and last name publicly. After tons of eyeball testing in this niche, most people don't pay attention to the name after the testimonial. It really doesn't matter. Powerful and persuasive sales copy and/or videos and/or audio goes a long way.

        If they dont want their name on the endorsement then I wouldnt use it. Give out a review copy and you should have no problem getting real testimonials with real names. Just my honest opinion.
        {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1534623].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author activetrader
    Originally Posted by LifestyleTrans View Post

    Can you guys give me any feedback to why? What can I do better?

    In my opinion here are some things that kill your sales and sign ups.

    1. The first thing that jumped out at me (maybe guys don't pick up on this, but maybe they do) is that you (is that you in the picture on your sales page?) do not look like the kind of a guy who needs this kind of advice. Most likely folks you are targeting don't look like you, so they can't relate... You appear to be young, good looking, and in shape. You don't seem like the guy who needs to learn how to approach women.... you seem like the guy who just has to show up and women will approach you... Will your advice work for those who actually buy dating books? That's what they would ask themselves.
    I suggest that you either: delete your picture entirely, or replace it with a not-so-glamor shot, or get one of your former clients who doesn't look all that great write you a testimonial.

    2. Secondly, remove your samples from your pages and put them into a PDF, ask for an e-mail in exchange for this PDF so you can collect leads.


    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1534148].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Hesaidblissfully
      Originally Posted by activetrader View Post

      In my opinion here are some things that kill your sales and sign ups.

      1. The first thing that jumped out at me (maybe guys don't pick up on this, but maybe they do) is that you (is that you in the picture on your sales page?) do not look like the kind of a guy who needs this kind of advice. Most likely folks you are targeting don't look like you, so they can't relate... You appear to be young, good looking, and in shape. You don't seem like the guy who needs to learn how to approach women.... you seem like the guy who just has to show up and women will approach you... Will your advice work for those who actually buy dating books? That's what they would ask themselves.
      I suggest that you either: delete your picture entirely, or replace it with a not-so-glamor shot, or get one of your former clients who doesn't look all that great write you a testimonial.
      You have a good point regarding the looks issue, but it could work the other way too, where prospects figure "Well, if he's good looking, then he must be a chick magnet, so he probably knows what he's talking about..."

      It's like if you were releasing a product in the make money online niche, and up until a few years ago, you were waiting tables at Denny's, and now you're a multi-millionaire, you can highlight the fact that you were just a regular guy/girl who hit it big online (ie: Anybody can do this). But on the other hand, if you've been running successful businesses offline for 30 years, and you've had successful online businesses for 10 years (ie: You have tons of business experience), you can highlight that angle in your marketing. The average Joe or Jane might not be able to relate to running successful businesses for decades, but the fact that you've got lots of experience and you know your stuff inside and out can make up for it (and you can still relate to them on other levels).

      So you can still take something that might have been perceived as a negative and present it in a way that it's seen as a positive.
      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1534420].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author OMI
    1. You need pics of hot babes. Sex sells and it will break up the boredom of too much copy.
    2. Use an "Order Now" or "Buy Now" button, not an "Add To Cart" button. It makes it seem like there's more to buy, when there's not.
    3. Use less copy. Damn that's a lot to read. If I'm looking to meet women, get me to the info!
    4. Put the Order button on the first page. I was shocked I had to click over to another page...with even more copy. Stop wasting your reader's time and get them to buy!
    5. Set up an autoresponder series that potential customers can sign up to receive. Call it, "I'll show you how to get a date this upcoming weekend!" Then, write out a 3 or 5 day course that will take a dude step by step on what to do to get a date for the upcoming weekend. Of course, leave out some stuff that's in the ebook so they'll be more inclined to buy in order to get that info.

    For me, a tend to scroll through any sales page to see if anything grabs my attention. I look at the price first...if the price looks good, then I'll go back and start reading your spiel...choosing the areas that appeal to me.

    With your copy, it doesn't boost my ego that I can get women. I'm not convinced so why would your book be any different?

    The following copy from your page seems a bit contradicting and assuming.

    "If you ask most guys if they want to create success with women they will say "Of course I do!" and look at you like you're crazy.

    But the truth is, most men don't want success with women."

    Um...I would think that's the total opposite of what men want. I would think ALL men want success with women. Men want success from ANYTHING! Men are competitive by nature and we show it everyday.

    Finally, "success with" screams business, not relationships. Maybe try these on for size...

    "Change Your Outlook and Land the Woman of Your Dreams!"
    "Screw Love...Learn The Language of Lust!"
    "How To Make Women Want You Right Now!"
    "Don't Forget Her Name When She Brings You Breakfast In The Morning!" (don't hate me ladies! )

    Make it fun, appealing, and direct. Hope that helps!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1537087].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author FrankBowman
    Just three quick points.

    1. Your Headline is at least one line to long, its almost a paragraph.
    2. Ditch the photo
    3. "You want to create massive success with women."

    How about...

    You want to be a Chick magnet?

    Just my humble opinion, which is probably not worth much but what the hey!!
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1537215].message }}
  • Profile picture of the author Erika Awakening
    I'm in this niche too, and posted elsewhere about "help wanted" because I'd like to hire someone to handle all this marketing stuff for me.

    Personally, I think the David D model is "done." I don't even want to model it much less copy it. It worked for him, but it's stale now. It's time to create a new paradigm, my friend.
    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1537274].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author mgkimsal
      I found it amusing that someone in the dating/seduction niche is counseling you away from it because it's too crowded. There's probably more to be said on that, but it got me thinking.

      The "generic" topic of dating/seduction with women might be crowded, but are there subniches you could establish? "How to meet women at work", "How to meet women in public places", "How to meet women at ______"? Dunno what the relevance is for people searching for that type of specificity, but you probably have a better handle on that that most of us do.

      Another ide that came to mind focused on "the list". You don't have a signup form that I saw, but once you have one, one way to get people to sign up would be an email 'mini bootcamp' with new tips or parts of your book going out every day to people. I've seen a job search product that does this - basically giving you a new task every day or two, referencing that more specific 'how tos' are in the full ebook.

      Good luck!

      Michael Kimsal
      http://heywords.com/ - for article writers

      {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[1537452].message }}

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