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A few days ago I posted a thread over at BHW with an idea that came into my mind. My idea was simple: To scrape / save Google trends result and group them together to see which keywords and search terms that are the hottest. Then get more additional data about each keyword/search phrase and build a report about how hot that keyword would be as a niche.

A few days passed... and I put together something quite simple yet very useful if you're into search engine marketing, SEO and niche marketing.

The result is what I call...

Trendfetch goes to Google trends every hour and save the most searched for search terms for that hour. It goes back the next hour and compare them and group the results together.

It also looks up similar keywords and fetches data from Google suggestions to build a quick keyword list. It also checks if the .com and .net domain name version of the keyword is free to register. Trendfetch also builds a quick graph to visualize how hot a keyword is at the moment and on average. The result is something like this:

You're also able to see which keywords and searches that are the hottest on a specific day and even specific hour.

The interest for this over at BHW has been huge, and there's already over 100 registered users (in just a few hours) that will beta-test the early version.

It's completely free to join, you don't even have to signup to any list or subscribe to anything (just create a username and password and you're good to go) , and I do not plan to sell anything else either. It's just a cool tool and i'd like to invite my fellow warriors to become beta-testers as well.

It's a very early version and by no means "finished" yet. What I do wish for in return is honest and useful feedback which can help me turn this service into something even better. Works best in Google Chrome and Firefox (Even IE7.0+)

Please reply in this thread if this is something you think you'll find useful! And remember to tell me what you think about it if you're already registred

Here's the invitation link:
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    Thanks for the interesting tool! In researching one of the trends I ended up buying a coffee maker...but I digress. The domain availability feature is pretty sweet.
    "Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast."
    Tom Peters

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      "Thanks for the interesting tool! In researching one of the trends I ended up buying a coffee maker...but I digress. The domain availability feature pretty sweet."

      Haha, that's pretty funny Thanks alot!
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        Thanks everyone for signing up and writing me with feedback and suggestions! There's now close to 300 registered beta users which is very cool. Don't know if i'll keep beta registration open for much longer so if you still haven't signed up go ahead and do so now

        + Lots of more features coming up in a day or so.
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