Silly Post Du Jour: MMA Approach to IMM

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Many years ago I saw a friend of mine get attacked by two thugs, one of whom who knew karate, and the other boxing (these two guys were well known). Before I could step in to help (and likely get thrashed myself), he beat up them up handily in the blink of an eye. How? A combination of mace spray, getting the guys onto the ground by tripping them both (boxing or karate are fairly useless on the ground), then whacking them with numbchucks. (It was in war time in another country, when getting attacked simply for speaking English was a real possibility)

How does this apply to Internet marketing? It means looking at what the competition doesn't have in their arsenal and applying that rather than trying to compete in a way that you are vulnerable to their strengths and likely to get thrashed.

(This is not really MMA, I know, since they don't use weapons. More like Roman times gladiator approach, lol)
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