If you had $1k, how would you turn it into $5k?

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Hey Warriors, I have an interesting little "exercise" that I've been thinking about. You see awhile back I was hard-pressed to come up with $5,000 for a school loan and I had about $1,000. Using the Internet, there are certainly many ways to turn $1k into $5k...but:

I was wondering what you would do to turn $1,000 into $5,000.

And let's say you only have 15-30 days to do so.

You have no list to email.

So, let's hear it I'm curious to hear if any of you post a plan similar to what I came up with.

Thanks in advance for participating.

- Tommy

PS. This has nothing to do with a WSO, this is a serious question in which I'd like to hear some thoughtful feedback on. Thanks.
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    Create a piece of software or wordpress plugin that solves a big need and then sell it in the WSO section as well as blast out to bloggers.

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    just a little over 3 months ago, I spent an hour a day for about 2 weeks looking through expired domains and either put them on backorder or use my enom grabbing script. Ended up spending $1500~ on 80~ domains, I've sold 5 so far for a total of $6000~ ... all the sales were within the last month, I actually thought I kissed that $1500 goodbye because the names were just sitting there

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    Good job tuanng! Even I did a bidding for 2 blog sites which had good domain name suituable for SEO for $600. The sites were already driving good number visitors per day. I bought the sites and did SEO for both and now to my surprise both the sites are doing great. I earned $1870 last month!
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      I was going to say flipping expired domains, but the wordpress plugin idea is not bad either. On the other hand, buy some bot creation software like Ubot and make some useful bots to sell. I have seen some of these bots for sale in the WSO as well.
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    Thanks for your replies so far, these are some great methods that I actually hadn't considered. Very good stuff.

    How lucrative would it be to maybe buy some sites on Flippa, improve them, then resell them for a profit? Has anyone done this successfully?

    - Tommy

    - Meet Tommy Bussey -

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      If it were during the summer, I would attend as many garage and yard sales as I could, including any auctions or estate auctions that were going on during the week or weekend, but make quick informed purchases, and would spend the entire day cleaning the items, taking great photo's, and writing great persuasive listings on eBay. I've done it before.

      If it were winter like it is now, I would purchase quick selling low profit items from China through my acquired source and I would resell everything quickly on eBay and Craigslist. May have to reinvest into more products as soon as sales start coming in, but $1000 into $5000 may only take 4-6 weeks.
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