The Top 10... You Decide.

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What are the top 10 article directories to submit to.

I know stands at #1

Give me 9 more...

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    I'll give you two more, which I believe to be right there next to EZA on position 2 and which gives me crazy traffic when I get syndicated hits.
    Como Ganar Dinero Por Internet - Spanish Make Money Online Site

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    gotta throw in there.

    Work it right and you get paid for submitting to them

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    anyone got three more..............
    EverTrust Media is the leading digital marketing agency.
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    SearchWarp – SearchWarp Writer's Community for Do It Yourself and Current Events Commentary
    · Buzzle – Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web
    · iSnare – Free Content Articles Distribution Directory and Search Engine for Ezines and Websites
    · IdeaMarketers – IdeaMarketers Article Bank - Promote your articles, find free news articles, article promotion - Idea Marketers
    · ArticleDashBoard – Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content | Author Submission
    · ArticleStars – Article Directory Submission | Submit Quality Original Articles
    · ArticleCity – - Free Articles for Reprint. Free Articles for your web site and newsletters. Submit Your Articles to Our Articles Directory.
    · ArticleDepot – Free articles - Article collections - Article database | Free Article Submission

    4. If you can spare $33/month, use Article Marketers - consumer products marketing direct marketers at They distribute articles to a large network of sites and ezines. Good for building backlinks.
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    It is good to submit your articles to different article directories in order to get max exposure and traffic to your site. The top 10 article directories for me has depended on which niche I'm promoting.

    Most of the time when I submit to ezinearticles my articles are ranked the highest... However, in some cases other article directory have ranked even higher then them! This all depends on which category I submit my article to, and of course which article directory I submit to.

    The key is to track and test your results to find the perfect method for the best traffic. Your goal to to find out which one is the most effective right?
    Always track your results.

    I like ezinearticles by far... have had success with goarticles, buzzle, and associatedcontent also.

    It's also good to submit your articles to high ranked sites which rank highly for your niche. Lets say for example you have a fishing site and you are trying to advertise it... you definitley want to post your articles on highly ranked fishing sites and not only to ezinearticles!

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    I have a list in my signature.

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  • I'm not so sure if you can use associatedcontent like that.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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    That's the 2nd post I just read about top article directorys today and I've just been chatting with someone on Skype whose gonna start article marketing. Is there something in the air?
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