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I was looking through some domains I have a Sedo, and found an interesting one. It is a 5 character .com, comprised of a single letter and a popular four letter woman's name.

I looked at Google keywords and when I put it in as "x xxxx" a space between the letter and the name, it came back with 12,100 monthly search volume, with no advertiser completion.

So I set out to determine what they are trying to find, and I really have no idea. Any suggestions how I can determine what those searchers are looking for? I'd like to seo the domain and do something with it.
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    google the term, and see what comes up in the results... that might give you a little bit of an idea.

    If it's JJill then it's a clothing line.
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      Well I can't see a product and other results are mixed with nothing particular. The letter in front of the domain is "x" then four letter name. I suspect the searches are for adult material. Given the name and circumstances, I could fairly easily rank top stop for the search.

      I've never done any sites of an adult nature, and never really planned to. But it looks like I might have walked into a great spot with this domain. If those 12k searches are looking for adult material, I could easily get a lot of that organic result.

      Any ideas what to do with the domain? Affiliate links to adult sites? What about legalities? Can anyone point me in the direction of where I might find information on the legal aspects of doing something adult?
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    Well, there are a ton of affiliate programs for adult content.

    If you look at the "partners" section of (ADULT CONTENT AT THAT LINK) you can find a bunch of them right there.

    I will say that the adult business is rather dirty... adult networks skim commissions and black hatters flock to the industry. This means it's significantly more difficult to make good money this way.

    What you could do that may work is to post some teaser material on the site for SEO purposes, and then sign up for some CPA stuff with Adult Friend Finder and the like and use that on your site.

    Or, for that matter... you could start building a list with that domain and send out your "porn freebie of the week" using affiliate offers there...

    The concepts are the same, the methods are a little different when you're playing in the adult game.

    It is supposed to be one of the largest niches on the internet though...
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    Also, in case you were wondering, yes.. Hostgator allows adult content.
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