What's the best starting point for finding niches?

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If you were a new IM'er where would you start looking for new niches (sub-niches) to build web sites (to promote affiliate products)? I've considered browsing CB and doing keyword analysis from there. Is that a good start or do you recommend something else??
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      I've been reading a lot about using things like that Google Trends to see what people are searching for, so that you can find niches that are in demand from the customers' viewpoints.

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        Starting at ClickBank is a good choice! Like the stock market keep an eye out for new products that are on the verge of climbing to the top rankings.

        Then you could build content sites around those products and do some SEO to rank for the niche's keywords..


        You can search any affiliate program directories to get ideas for hot products to promote.

        Finding the hot selling products is the key! So do your research to make sure it's worth while before wasting any efforts.

        It doesn't have to be about finding uncovered niche goldmines. That's too hard!

        Go for the niches that are that are in demand.

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          Here's a recent blog post on the topic...


          When looking for niches for internet/affiliate marketing it pays to keep things simple and use what resources you have available to find those that are hot and where the target market is ready to spend. You may find niches that are not the best for making money, but what you really want are niches that are hungry.

          The following sites should have you finding niches very easily and allow you to cross reference your results with other sources to ensure you the best possible chance of finding a winner for your campaign:

          1. Amazon: using the non-fiction bestsellers list at amazon is a surefire way to find hot niches, bestselling books lead right to what the consumer is buying and gives you plenty of options. Build a starter list of many niches that you can then look into further for profit potential

          2. Magazines.com: Magazines shows you publications that have a readership, if they did not then the magazine in question would cease to exist, it must have a following in order for it to keep printing and therefore a regularly printed magazine shows that people are willing to spend and have a solid [/B]interest in that particular niche.

          3. The Clickbank “Hot List”: Although it isn’t actually called the Hot List… you can be sure that hot selling products on clickbank means a hungry niche, it is a fact that if the product is selling then there are people spending money on it each and every day.

          4. Barnes And Noble.com: The same as amazon for non -fiction bestsellers...

          5. Meetup.com: Congregations of people who are fanatical enough about their niche to register on a website for local mettings.... what more do you want in terms of hot niches?

          6. eBay Pulse: I'm not giving away the farm here but just go check it... you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can learn...

          Those above are just a few possible sites to start your niche finding efforts, but they are not your only options, niches are all around you and if you look around in your daily activities then you will soon start to see them everywhere. If money is being spent then there is a good chance that you can break into that for your share of market action

          --- end of snippet from my blog...



          Bare Murkage.........

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    use your imagination. start with broad keyword terms like magic or birds

    then do your keyword search to narrow it down into a more targeted niche like bird houses or card tricks.
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    I like going to Amazon and looking through the magazine section. Look for niches that have several magazines dedicated to it.

    Rob Whisonant
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      As stated above, Amazon magazine section, Ebay pulse, and start plugging keywords in one of the free keyword tools mentioned above. Dig further with the keyword tool until you find something that has enough searches to make it worthwhile. Check article directories and see if there are people writing articles about it? Is there a lot of popularity?

      What are the hot sellers in Ebay, Amazon... You get the idea...
      Good luck..


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