Where to find actors?

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Hi all,
I'm struggling to find actors for a short product related video..
I would've thought there would be one website at least filled with profiles of amateur youtube actors for hire (Perhaps a niche opportunity..)

So, where do you guys find your actors? And how do you go about the entire process to make sure it's completely legal? E.g. Are there any special forms that I would need to fax them for them sign it?

Any help is much appreciated, thank you
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    Craiglist is probably the best place to go for posting a job like this. There are also numerous casting call sites out there. For release forms, head on over to SAG for some great examples of what you would need to have them sign.

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    Originally Posted by gdmb View Post

    I would've thought there would be one website at least filled with profiles of amateur youtube actors for hire (Perhaps a niche opportunity..)
    Good idea. Might be my next project. Craigs list sound like the best idea or try groups on Facebook or other social sites. I spent 3 years at acting college and believe me there is no shortage of quality girls and guys out there who'd love the chance for a small fee.

    All the best

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    I use a lot of actors. In the beginning, I tried the Atlanta Craigslist. Didn't get any replies I could use. Then I discovered a very active YahooGroup for Atlanta theatre. That turned out to be a great place to find actors. Also see if there is a community theatre group in your area.

    Steve R.
    R.A.M. Video
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    I did some tv spots for an old business and a good director is 10Xs more important than good actors. A good director can also find actors they like to work with.
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      IMDB.com might be a good place to look as well. You can find the names of actors in films... possibly the independent films that may have been made by film students from the "drama department" mentioned above.

      Need young actors? Go to a high school play.

      Need college age? Go to a college party or college play.

      Need old actors? Find a patio home community.

      And yeah... use Craig's List, Casting Call sites, and similar sites. Or place an ad in a local newspaper of the area you will be shooting in. A lot of wannabe's would respond for sure.

      Almost forgot. Check out withoutabox.com... I think there may be film festivals listed on that site. Those would be ideal for finding your directors and actors.
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        Try putting an ad in "The Stage" Magazine.
        I haven't used them for a while but I used to get lots of replies to my ads.


        PS. I think they have a website but I don't know the url
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    Find out if there are any amateur dramatic societies in your area and get in contact. You could also approach six forms or colleges which have courses in acting. Perhaps it would be worth having open auditions, advertise them by putting up posters anywhere that you can (shop windows, church notice boards etc).

    Just noticed that you are looking for resources on-line. Try these...
    The Stage / The website for the entertainment industry / Theatre, performing arts, TV and radio

    The ArtsJobs mailing list on the arts council website may be of use depending on your work. You could post a call for artists which would be received by thousands.
    Arts Council England : Press & news : Mailing lists

    Good luck!

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