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Hi everyone, I'm still relatively new here and trying to find my way around so I hope this is the right place for this post.

I've been studying Rich Schefren, Dan Kennedy and Frank Kern quite a bit... they seem to be great guys to learn Internet Marketing from.

However on other forums, I get the feeling that people think they are 'fakes', 'MLMers' and 'con artists'....

You guys obvioulsy understand this industry much better than me and i'd like your feedback please...
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    That's mostly because other forums are filled with negative people. Don't listen to it.

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    Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

    As for the names you mentioned: Dan Kennedy's "No B.S." books are gems, highly recommended. Rich Shefren's manifestos are great reading too, I can't comment on any of his coaching offers though. And Frank Kern makes entertaining videos
    Cool thanks, any more names you'd recommend??
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      Originally Posted by Tom Borowski View Post

      For list building and basically the whole IM enchilada, Jimmy D. Brown. For affiliate marketing Chris Rempel (chris_surfrider on this forum).

      There are more of course, but it really depends on what approach to Internet Marketing you want to take.
      Thanks for these. I have a niche. It's one that I am passionate about, but the people in that niche don't (by nature) have a stack of money. So i'm looking at ways to sell them small affordable information products on how to succeed in that specific niche.

      I am also very integrated in that niche so I already have a lot of trust. My next step is how to maintain that trust by selling worthwhile products and not just loads of crap...
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