Do you know The Fastest way to Make a MiniSite?

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I tried building my sales minisite this morning.

I wasnt able to complete it. I think I'm missing some piece of the puzzle. Here's what I did.

All of the sites I will mention here is not related to me in anyway. Though I signed up to them to get the freebies.

1. I looked for a free minisite template (DIYMINISITE.COM)

They provided a decent minisite, though the header graphics is in
PSD format. Since I don't own photoshop and the download trial is
about 500 mb I wasnt able to edit the header graphics.

I tried a free header graphics editing program by a fellow warrior but the
program doesnt save and when loading a template it produces an error.

In the end, since it was just a sample I decided to do with the generic
header graphics provided by DIY.

2. I looked for a good and convincing landing page.
The second step I did was to look for a convincing landing page and
copied its contents. I reworded it though and added some of my
sales pitch.

3. I havent added a sign-up page for autoresponder
I already signed up for an account in getresponse but I didn't
came to the point of adding an email capture form.

This one I could get instructions from getresponse

4. I tried putting in a paypal or alert pay button.
Both payment processors would only allow you to put
a merchant button if you upgraded your account. I
am still on a free account so are there any alternatives?

5. Once I put up the minisite. How would I or where would I place the
files (ebooks) for download and how to design a download page.

Sorry for a long post it's just coz I really want to learn the setting up of infrastructure in IM.

So far I already now SEO, BUM Marketing. I feel my minisite setup skill needs improvement.

Thanks and would highly appreciate answers.

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