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Hi all,

What is best way to article marketing?
Do we publish our approved articles to our site?
Best directory for article marketing?
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    Short and sweet articles that at short and to the point giving valuable information do well. Cut it a bit short and include the closing into your resource link back to your site.

    You can publish the content you write on article sites to your site.

    Ezinearticles is the best but feel free to use a number of them plus mine in my sig
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    I'm a big proponent of EzineArticles, but some other top directories include:


    You can also go for the blast approach by using one of the software programs that will blast your articles all over the place. Warrior Big Mike at incansoft.com has a good one that is not expensive. I think it's called ArticleBot. Check into that if you really want to blast away.

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      Writing articles is the way to go for both 'backlinks' and traffic.

      Your articles may get re-posted onto other websites and blogs and read by thousands!

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    The free "bum marketing" info from Travis Sago is good for this kind of project.

    Generally, I do not publish anything on my own website (or at any other article site) if I publish it at EZA or any of the really big article sites.

    Mostly, I try to publish only unique content at my own websites (avoiding any possible risk of duplicate content) and it gives visitors -- from EZA, etc. -- a reason to stay at my website and never read something they have already seen, elsewhere.
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      I write articles for clients or our sites then send them to a Philippine outsourcing team who first submits to Ezine Articles, then changes the articles, send them out to other article directories, then change them again and use them in content sites like hubpages, wetpaint etc. Then they link them all together!

      Get a much mileage as possible from content!

      Always looking for PPV and affiliate mentor/masterminds... Let's trade stories!

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    You want to publish your articles on your own site first, and then publish them to other directories. As others have said, Ezine is the best, but they aren't the only game in town.

    You want to publish as much content as you can. Keep your articles around 300 words. If you keep your articles shorter you can publish more articles in a day.

    Some people will tell you to write longer articles. That depends on what you are trying to do. If you are just starting out, I would recommend writing shorter articles first.

    Confused about SEO? Facebook? Adwords? Send me a PM to apply for your free 30 minute consultation today!

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    well, your question consist of three parts, i will answer each part one by one...

    1) You asked that what is the best way of article marketing?
    ans) First of all, you should keep especial attention toward the content of your article, if the content is good and more appealing then it will divert the visitors toward your site...

    2 ans) Yes, we can publish our approved articles and we can even book mark them...
    3 ans) Ezinearticles is the best directory for article marketing...
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    The best thing to do (IMHO) is to write an article for your website or blog that presells a product (either yours or affiliate) or tries to get them into your email list depending on your goal for the article.

    Try to target 3 - 5 keywords in that article. You'll need to make this one longer than 350 words in order to do that and not have it come out looking like a crappy keyword stuff article

    Then write a bunch of smaller articles with the intent of getting them to your main article that you wrote for your site. The smaller articles should give out good info, but tease at the really good stuff that they can find in your main article. In other words, make the article interesting and valuable but don't give everything away so that they will want to click your resource box link to get to your site.

    Submit these smaller ones to all your favorite article directories. Some of my favorites are:


    Hope that helps!

    Gone Fishing
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    You really should read this thread - http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...eza-first.html

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