The look of the perfect money making site?

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I´m wondering If you could share your view on what is the most profitable website, graphic wise and placements of ads and text.

I´m thinking of improving the layout of my site
Online Golf Equipment

Its a basic ebay/amazon/adsense but I want to improve it.
I´m thinking of dropping adsence or atleast put it in the background (dont want visitors to leave for other better sites).
I have inserted an affiliate link to a site that sells golf videos, Its the image visitors are greeted to when they first visit it, I´m thinking its too "in their face" and Im thiking of using a different add at the right side above the ebay links.

Do you think I should add more articles, the only text that´s there now is from yahoo answers.

I like the layout of this site: Psychic Magazine
Its a simple blog but I like the placement of text and subtle adds, should I try to emulate that page?

Appreciate any suggestions you might have

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