How to make an mp3 LOUDER?

by warriorgo 6 replies
Hi, I recorded some speech using audacity and export them as mp3.

Problem is the mp3s sound real soft (even after full blasting my speakers). Any way or softwares to make it louder?

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    Is it possible that you can create the MP3 again, but make the sound louder before you create the MP3?

    I was going to suggest using Audacity, but as you have used it I suppose that starting over again might help?

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    Hey Brian,

    We are on the same frequency. Perhaps my challenge is with the "settings" of audacity. Would you or anyone perhaps know what is the optimum settings to record a reasonably loud audio?
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    What you may need to do is turn up the audio sensatvity of your mic. To do this go to "Start/All Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Volume Control" and follow these steps:

    1. Click on Options/Properties
    2. Select Recording checkbox
    3. Click OK
    4. Select Microphone (checkbox) and slide the control to about 90%
    5. Close it

    This makes your mic a lot more sensitive for all recording which is likely to be your main problem.

    Hope that helps
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      As others have mentioned, it's best to record at a hotter (louder) level from the start, but if you don't want to record it again just do this...

      1) Open the audio file in Audacity
      2) Edit > Select all
      3) Effect > Amplify > OK

      Also, the 'Normalize' effect is pretty much the same as 'Amplify', so just experiment and see what sounds best.

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    I used a program called MP3Trim to make mine louder or softer. It also lets you trim blank space off the beginning or end. Try it out, it's small and free too.

    Download here; MP3Trim - Free software downloads and reviews - CNET

    Hope that helps.

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    Also, use software that lets you check sound levels when recording (by showing the tape recorder-style meter or graph) - sometimes if you boost the volume after recording, you'll get a lot of distortion.
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