Looking for some beta testers for a new Wordpress affiliate theme

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Hey guys,

I'm looking for some beta testers to get a wordpress theme I've been developing all wrapped up.

The theme itself is designed for affiliate websites and specifically, review sites. I have used it myself but as the developer, I'm sure you can imagine how easy it will be for me to use.

I am going to be selling this for like $40, and with a lot of different options in the backend, I really need to get about 10 beta testers for my new theme.

This is first come first serve, and I'd really like to be able to get some nice "example" / "demo" sites for my homepage when I launch it.

Reply here or send me a PM if you're interested. This is perfect if you like Wordpress and want the flexibility of being able to gear it towards a profitable style.

Looking forward to working with some of you

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