Buying FREE VS Paying for Product or Service?

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Dear Warriors,

Was reading a few posts here and on a couple of other forums,websites that I usually follow as part of daily routien... Now was amazed that how many people are looking to make millions or want to have a decent stable IM career but they want that all to be " FREE "

I want this product " Free "
I want that service " Free "
I want this review " Free "

I absolutly love helping people.... but dislike the idea of just going for thing for free ... If you want something big out of life, like if you are hoping that what you'll get will change your future life forever, then I don't think spending a few " bucks" would hurt.

My suggestion is .... for all the newbies .... do your research, all the material or guidence which any guru can provide you has already been said " just google it" most of the products are available on the internet " atleast some alternatives to them" google them.

However, if you come across something or idea that could change your life or you want from that idea your life to be transformed then you shouldn't be scared to " PAY FOR IT"

What do you say to this guys

best regards,

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