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When I read a sales page, I always tend to skip past testimonials. Why? Well mainly because, I dont know know who they are, and whether they are telling the truth or not. Alot of these testimonials are usually from gurus, but how do I know they are not getting paid to say good things about the product?

maybe I'm too sceptical, but I always assume that anyone can make their own testimonials up and put a website link beneath it.

Having said that testimonial screenshots of warrior forum post would covinced me more to buy, because its more difficult to lie about that.

My point is, When creating testimonials for your own sales page, it is better to do like what everyone else is doing like this SpaceHogs.net - Market ANYTHING On MySpace For Profits! MySpace Marketing Techniques, MySpace Advertising Tricks, & MySpace Resources...

or have real testimonial proof taken from a forum like this PPI Domination - Dominate PPI For $50+ a Day!!
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