Article Marketers: Do you send your traffic directly to your affilaite page or use a redirect?

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I'm just curious.

For those of you using article marketing as one of your traffic generating methods which do you prefer, or better yet which do you have better sales results with?

Sending the traffic directly to your affiliates sales page? I'm including in this question using a redirect with a domain name you have purchased.


Using a domain name you have bought and sending them to your own website or squeeze page?

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    That depends on the article. If the article is about the product then product page is the destination.
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    Always a pre-sell page.

    But now I send it to an optin page (works even better!)

    One of these two definitely.
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    I always send traffic to a pre-sell page. Never do I send prospects directly to the affiliate page.
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    From EZA you cant send them directly to the sales page....
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    Send them to your own site always ... Have a opt-in form also if you are interested in building a mail list.

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    I send traffic to a squeeze page. I offer people free stuff to opt-in to my list. Do not send traffic directly to affiliate page if you are serious about making a lot of money online. The money is in the list!
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      People that use redirects directly to products in article marketing don't really consider that are they only getting traffic from the article sites. It's more effective to use anchor text links and attempt to get your main site higher in the SERPS. Even a generic review page can work great..
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