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I haven't seen anything in the WF policy that states this is not allowed, so here goes.

Over the past few weeks, I've been reading posts by Warriors who are seeking information on web site design, using keywords, promoting their sites, etc. If you're new to internet marketing / web design / SEO, you will gain a ton of great advice from this newsletter produced by SiteProNews.

Today, one of my subscriptions arrived and I wondered if other Warriors get this excellent newsletter. It's invaluable - and it's free.

It provides a wealth of information - detailed articles dating back years. Today's main article is entitled, "Your Website from the Ground Up in 10 Steps". At quick glance, it appears to answer some recent queries.

Here's the article link: SiteProNews: Your Website from the Ground Up in 10 Steps

Here's the link to the newsletter archives:
SiteProNews: 2008 Archives

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