Squidoo vs. HubPages vs. eHow vs. Info Barrel (?)

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Whether you are doing some serious article marketing, or writing for these sites strictly for the Adsense revenue share, I have seen a few threads here Pop-up about these particular website/companies. In my honest opinion, and in accordance with a few other factors, these websites at least appear to be very frequently. While each presents their own pros and cons, and deficiencies and functionality, I have seen many here that provide content to these particular sites.

I do have a few questions:

1) Which one is your favorite and Why?
2) Do you use any one of them in isolation, or do you use them in conjunction with another one?
3) I realize there could be a difference between whether one wants to strictly do article marketing, or utilize more of the Adsense revenue share features. Are there any different 'similar' websites that you would recommend and Why?
4) Do you prefer writing for one of these sites, as opposed to, say, your own blog or website? (the reason I ask is because, to some earning can be quite difficult from one's own website if they don't have some skill involved. At least these sites are so highly ranked that they have some pre-packaged favor and authority in Google already).

I'd like to get a gauge of which site everyone here gravitates to the most.

Feel free to answer one, or all of the questions. If you don't want to answer any of the questions, I'd love to hear what you individual experience has been with any one of the companies/websites in the Title.....if you'd like to share...

Thanks alot Warriors!
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    All I can say for sure is that if you spend the time to make decent pages on these sites and link them to a money site, or even better yet, be committed and build a few at each site with one going to your money site and the others going to a free blogger blog, that only has one link that goes to your money site (and not interlinked) you will get indexed fast, as well as have theme related backlinks.

    And not have to worry about getting the accounts deleted.

    As individual, hubpages usually have the best initial first kick, but I am telling you, together the sum of all parts becomes greater than the whole.

    Be who you want to become, every second of every day. Make it true!

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      I am wondering this myself. I started off on hubpages and did a bunch of posts, then I switched to squidoo for a while, now I just found out about info barrel.

      If you had to pick one which one do you think is the best?
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        This is an old thread and things have changed;

        eHow - no longer has a writer's compensation plan - all writers are hired through Demand Studios

        as far as Squidoo, Hubpages and Infobarrel go, they each have a distinct personality and trying them out is a good idea to see which fits you. Also be sure to read the TOS and see what is allowed and what isn't as the rules have changed.

        Writing and promoting your own sites is a good idea but the above sites can potentially be a good source of backlinks and additional income.

        Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    I like www.infobarrel.com, but www.hubpages.com is not too bad either.
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    eHow no longer allows writers to write whatever they want, either. It's more of a content provider now, via Demand Studios, where writers claim available titles then write them. Then the titles go through an approval process. (I have written there for quite a while.)
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    Squidoo is the most friendly site in my eyes. I love them so much I even included my Squidoo page in my signature (or was that for SEO? Lol)
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    Is it possible to put the same content on your website to squdioo and Hubpages after indexed or
    do they accept only unique content?
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      Originally Posted by zonkow View Post

      Is it possible to put the same content on your website to squdioo and Hubpages after indexed or
      do they accept only unique content?
      I don't really see how there'd be an issue if you modified the content a bit. Not entirely. But just enough to differentiate it from the other source.
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    Lately, I have been enjoying Squidoo and seeing great results. Infobarrel and Hubpages seem to work well as well, I just prefer the interface and functionality of Squidoo. I think a lot of ranking one over another is personal preference.

    Randy is right in that what works amazingly is a combination of them all. But that depends on the time and effort you want to invest.
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    Recently, Squidoo disabled a few dozen of my articles.

    They call it WIP (Work In Progress)

    That basically means, my articles have been de-indexed from their internal search engines
    From external search engines

    Why does squidoo do this? Because the articles are receiving too little visits.
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    Favoring depends on what I have to offer.
    Squidoo and hubpages are more popular when it come to internet marketing.
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    I Personally Prefer Squidoo, I have get Good Result From it. It is also Good For Revenue Sharing, Like Google Adsense, Amazon. So, Overall Its a Great Deal.
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    Squidoo is good for back linking.
    I will do all 4 sites for maximum traffic exposure.

    Different niches will have different impact on these sites

    You need to test them out.
    Our answer here might be irreverent to your niche.
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    This is from 2009... Why was it bumped?
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