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I actually made it to 3,000 posts and still live in this forum, what a great feeling!
My big thanks to Allen and all of those warriors that have supported me, thank you all!
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    Well done Mel - great photo by the way!
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    Way to go. Keep up the good work. Keep helping those that don't know and those that do know.


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    Congratulations Mel!

    There it is —in real "marketer speak'.

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    Originally Posted by Magic Mel View Post


    I actually made it to 3,000 posts and still live in this forum, what a great feeling!
    My big thanks to Allen and all of those warriors that have supported me, thank you all!

    Allen please don't get mad at me for this but since this is my 300oth post i wanted to give back to the warrior forum......

    Guys and gals this is my post when the war room just opened and this is my 3000th gift to you guys...cheers,Magic

    Seo Tactics
    Topic URL: The Warrior Forum - Seo Tactics
    Topic author: Magic Mel
    Subject: Seo Tactics
    Posted on: 06/15/2008 20:13:59
    Hey Guys/Gals,
    Magic here and first of all I want to thank Allen for creating another gold gem section in this wonderful
    forum, I am going to give some of the tips and tricks I use for my seo projects, if you guys have anything
    to add to this, then please share your tips and lets get the ball rolling.

    In the old days of seo we used to deal with tons of onpage optimization whuch was the meta tags, H1, H2,
    and other elements that got a website ranked way way up there, these days it is not so much the onpage
    but really the offpage optimization that gets the rakings up there, Now this is not a surprise to the veteran
    seo guys, but this section will open lots of eyes for the newcomer seo folks.
    Onpage optimization, for this part I would just make sure that your keywords are included in the title.

    Suppose your keyword is „used golf club equipment“, then what you need to to is go to the <title>Used
    Golf Clubs | Discount Golf Clubs</title> , if you have more than 1 keyword then use the seperator and
    this is the proper way for seo to get your keywords included in the title section.
    You can use a nice description in the META Description section, this is just for the click, this doesn‘t get
    your site ranked up there, but if you have your site ranked well up there and there is a nice description, it
    helps with getting a click.
    The opening paragraph can use an <H1> tag , this helps but I haven‘t seen that much of a difference
    in my pages, when you write the content for your webpage, make sure to have some of your keywords
    sprinkled in that pagecopy, this does help with making google finding your site relevant, and this is what
    you want to do with your seo. I know that I say onpage is not all that important, but you should still stay
    with good seo practices and use onpage tactics.
    Now lets get to OFFPAGE techniques, this is by far the most important aspect to seo these days, offpage
    is basically building quality 1 way backlinks, a 1 way backlink basically lets google know that your site has
    a place on the internet, the more 1 way backlinks you get, the better your chances are for getting higher
    search engine rankings.
    Before we get to the linkbuilding, lets look at the most important aspect of seo, it is called KEYWORDS,
    you need to go after keywords that relate to your business, you need to identify your market and reach
    them, using the right keywords reaches your audience, using the wrong keywords will not.
    the link above is the keyword tool I like to use, it is google‘s free keyword tool.
    Free GTrends Tool From Wordtracker
    The link above is another great tool from wordtracker and it is also another one of my favorites, use them
    and see how the market looks, and pickout the keywords that relate best to your business.
    Now lets get to the bread and butter of the seo realm, we need to get tons of 1 way backlinks pointing to
    our site, below I will give you some of the techniques you can use to get these 1 way backlinks.

    Alot of warriors inlcuding myself write articles and we submit them to powerhouse article directory sites
    like Ezine Article Submission - Submit Your Best Quality Original Articles For Massive Exposure, Ezine Publishers Get 25 Free Article Reprints, this website is loved by google and if you have a articles on this site with the
    proper kewords, then you will get a nice 1 way backlink.
    Another thing you can do is to submit your website/blog to directories, here is one of the sites that lists
    tons of directories for you, Directory Critic » Directory Lists, Article Directory Lists, Link Building, Directory Templates & Resources
    I am going to share one of the secrets that I use to find way to get backlinks, I wasn‘t going to share this,
    but since Allen was very awesome and thought I was worthy to be in the private side of the membership
    forum, I will share my trick.

    It is very simple go to Google Alerts,
    then use the keywords, linkbuilding, free backlinks, and google will send your tons of information on how
    you can build quality 1 way backlinks, this technique alone has my inbox filled all day with backlink tricks.
    Another trick I use is b going to and then click on more, then blogs and type „free backlinks“,
    „linkbuilding“ .
    Guys and gals these are my techniques and I am able to crack top page 1 and 2 on google for my chosen
    keywords 90% of the time .
    I normally wouldn‘t have posted such a post but the warrior forum has been kind to me and i wanted to
    give back to all, if you have more to add please do so.
    .................................................. ...........
    If you want more great backlinks why not try gaining them from authority websites that are in your niche,
    go to google and type your keywords and then look at the top 5-10 sites.
    Next see if you can write a article for these websites and ask the webmaster if they would publish it on
    their site, webmasters always need content and they might go with this idea.
    When you write your article make sure to have your proper keywords in the anchor, if your article is published
    by an authority site, then you have a very powerful 1 way backlink pointing to your site.
    Another way to get tons of backlinks to your site is by running an affiliate program, get tons of affiliates
    having your affiliate code with their id placed on their site and this could bring you tons of backlinks.
    I will try to update this thread as much as I can.

    " You can either give a man a fish and feed him for a day OR teach him how to catch a fish and it will feed him for a lifetime"

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