When, How, and Why Did You Quit Your Job For IM? How Bad Was It Before? Let's Hear Your Story...

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Hey Warriors,

I'm working on a sales page that's focused on the hot button of being able to quit your crappy job for internet marketing.

I'm not looking for testimonials, but rather for stories to put on the sales page. And I'd appreciate it if you would PM me with your story, a pic, and your URL.

I'd like to know how bad your job was and what you hated most about it, then give the specifics of when, how, and why you quit your job for internet marketing.

The product's going to be a basic book on running an internet info business. It'll include market research basics, product creation basics, affiliate marketing basics, copywriting basics, e-mail marketing basics, salesmanship basic, outsourcing basics... in no way are you endorsing the product by letting me use your story.

Your story will be to show there are people out there who have actually quit their job and pursued their internet business.

You'll gain credibility and maybe even some traffic through your URL.

So feel free to bombard me with your story, your URL, and a picture via PM!

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