I think this error was funny...

by NMP 5 replies
Was visiting an old script on my server and got:

MySQL Error: MySQL server has gone away

I laughed so hard. Maybe I am easy to laugh but I thought
it was funny. Maybe I should call The CSI Team :O

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    hey was that mysql database important? hopefully it didn't "go away" and there was just a mistype.

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      Not sure. It was back 5 minutes later. Maybe went out for a beer ;-)

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    That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Errors can be a lot of fun!
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    This reminded me of one particularly stressful festive season spent selling on eBay (or trying to!), when every other page came up as 'page not responding'. Just as it was getting really predictable, eBayUK seemed to decide to inject some variety for a few days by showing the same page as it was displayed on all the other eBay sites across the world. Sales were well down, but there's no end now to the number of languages I can say 'page not responding' in. It's a shame there's no demand for this 'skill'...

    My favourite error though was in an article title which was on a Martial Arts site somewhere, and allegedly about 'aggressive marital arts'. Perhaps such techniques are to be used in cases of 'husband not responding'

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