How I Get A $40 Sale Each Day From 12 Emails

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I don't like testing... it's often difficult to measure the results, but I do it. However this method not only gets me an extra sale a day, but is also an easy way to confirm where the sale is coming from as well.

It works like this: I add a brief sentence at the bottom of every personal email I send to clients, but directly ABOVE my signature: "While you're waiting for the next game, here's something of mine that will interest you:"

This URL points to a product that is not shown anywhere else, so I know when it appears the sale came from only that source.

By adding this sentence to the dozen or so emails I answer personally each day, I get a sale a day from it. That's almost a 10% return. Over a year the tiny $40-a-day sentence above gives me or my affiliates an extra $7,000 to $14,000. Every little counts!

The secret is to include the offer in the email BODY so that it gets strategically separated from my list of products under the signature.

The main reason for this strategy's success is that the offer comes in an email directly and personally from me - rather than being seen as a mass promotion when it comes bundled in an automated mailing.
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    Hi Ken,

    That's a great tip. I have a little offer in my sig but I never change it so those who bought have bought.

    So you leave your sig alone and put the "special" above your sig.

    Do you change up offers often?
    Do you find you have repeat buyers when you do?

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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      Originally Posted by George Wright View Post

      ...Do you change up offers often?
      Do you find you have repeat buyers when you do?...
      Hey George,

      I often match the offer with the email content. For example, if it is a support issue I will use one of my products that will assist the client with their problem... as well as answering them too. Sometimes I've tested out an affiliate product to see whether it will fly, but I don't do many of those - my own products always outshine them 1000:1 in sales.

      I haven't measured repeat buyers. Since I send offers thick and fast to my lists daily, I'd spend more time analyzing than spending the profits
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