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Whats up everyone,

I am kind of new here and look forward to becoming a Warrior and building some great relationships.

I have a question for you.... (btw this is not a pitch I really need some advice)

In a few weeks I will be launching a new community website for Marketers and it comes with the training and with a bunch of tools to create video and audio recordings like Audio/Video Postcards, Audio/Video Blog and so on that they will be able to use t market to their list...

And the name of the site and the header includes the words internet marketers in it and since I am will only just be starting my pre-launch...

I was wondering if I should change my domain and/or at least the header to a completely different name or initials or something so it can be more general sort of like a MySpace type name?

I was thinking that if a member that sells health products (lets say) and wants to use theirthe Audio/Video Blog it will kind f suck having Internet Marketers on the domain and the header when he is trying to sell to the health market.. Right?

It comes setup up as an RSS feed and also submits every post as a podcast to itunes so in reality they could use it just to feed the other blogs they own and to create their podcasts but on the blog the viewers can download the videos which is a huge benefit.

I know it will be great exposure for my site but I am alot more interested in keeping everyone happy then growing a membership of unhappy soon to be dropouts..

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!
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    if you are just going to target the internet marketing or related keywords then it would be better if you stick with url that has this in it ... cause that will help you reach to a decent search page position then havn't one without.

    However, if you have a very strong SEO campaign and you can manage to bring your website on top page with ease then its not absolutly nessessry .

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