How Generate 100,000 niche ideas in 2 minutes

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You heard me right. I've been poking around the web for different ways to generate different niche topics to research and OMG I stumbled across this little gem that give you more data than Bill Gates has money....

The site is actually ehow but if you choose to navigate to the site map you then come across the many catagories to choose from. Pick anyone of those catagories and you will be instantly loaded down with all the ehow articles at in one simple page.

I print out a few catagories over the weekend and really still have too many left to research when I've venture back to work on Monday.

Merry Christmas Warriors !!!!

Here's the link if your lazy

eHow Article Sitemap
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    great tip,

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    Thanks for sharing.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Yes, there are so many how to guides there. You can think of a lot of sub-niches - that is a better term for it!
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  • ehow is a great way to find some real micro niches. Have you seen some of the topics they cover? You should apply to be a writer and take a look at the topics that need to be fulfilled. There is some crazy info people are looking for.
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      That's a good tip.

      Here's another way to generate tens of thousands of niche ideas very quickly...

      Go to your favorite keyword tool (like Google, WordTracker, etc) and start entering in very broad search phases like:

      how to
      get rid of

      ... and so on.

      For every broad keyword you plug in, you'll generate dozens, hundreds or even thousands of niche ideas.

      For example, plug in "get rid of" and you'll get topics such as get rid of: fruit flies, stink bugs, fleas, mice, roaches, pink eye, boils, moles, skunks, gnats, chiggers, bees, bed bugs, moths, ants, spyware, malware, staph infection, stretch marks, bats, belly fat, dark circles under eyes, hickeys, yeast infection, hpv virus, blackheads, cloudy pool water, love handles, spiders, gas, skin tags...

      And on and on and on.

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    Holy **** mate.

    You have just created me years of work!

    I owe you a beer bro

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    Two great tips in one thread that is what's so great about this forum.

    Thanks Meldave
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    Thanks for the fabulous Christmas gift

    Happy Holidays

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      Thanks so much for the list, it made me remember that I had one awhile back for here it is for all you warriors.

      Pages Index

      Happy Holidays and may you all prosper greatly in the New Year.

      Dolores Pepper
      .................................................. ..............

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      Dude, seriously, that was my secret. Now I'll have to scrap my ebook, well, I guess I can give it away now :p

      Just messin' with ya. But that is still my favorite "I need a new niche" go to. Saves DAYS AND DAYS of research for me.
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    Thanks for the tip!

    I think this may be my favorite article on the site:

    How to Do Absolutely Nothing |

    Finally all my years of mastering the art of nothingology are about to pay off!
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    I can picture a lot of headless chickens running around after reading this post...but if you have teh discipline to pick ONE...this is golden.

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    Merry Christmas gift out of the wrapper.....
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