How Do I Get Rid Of A Forum On My Site

by Khal 3 replies
I was checking how many pages from my site were indexed.
As I was scrolling down the list, I noticed something that is totally unrelated to my site.

It is listed as "Cleveland Ministries Forum"
The thing is, I have nothing to do with Cleveland Ministries and I have never installed a forum on my site.

So basically, I have no clue how this page came to be installed on my site.
Here is the complete URL:

Now, my site is: NetForGain - Gain From The Internet

I did a search in Google about this Cleveland Ministries Forum, and here is what I found:

"Cleveland Ministries Forum - Google Search

I went into my cPanel and could not find any installation of YaBB
Does anyone know how to get rid of this thing?

Thanks for any help.
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    Hi Khal

    The first thing that comes to mind is that you may have been hacked!

    Check the logs and see when the forum was installed. It seems pretty new with just 2 registered members.

    When you find the installation time you may be able to see lots of login attempts just before that time an see the IP address. You can trace the IP address using tools and sites like: and

    That "may" tell you where the hacker came from if he didn't use a proxy server.

    Then you contact your host and tell them about the security breach.

    Another remote possibility is a screw up at your host but I can't say I've ever heard that one. I any case htey should be able to help you with the investigation.

    My final suggestion is you don't completely get rid of the forum. Checkout all its various pages that are accesses and redirect them to a "highly relevant" affiliate product perhaps from ClickBank and monetize the traffic.

    Of course switch to a very strong pasword for your hosting account so the perpetrators don't break in again.

    One last idea: you could let them build the traffic to the forum for you and then switch it your affiliate progduct or place alink on every page to your home page thus creating a nice internal link system. But make sur ethat in the mean time they don't have access to your hosting control panel.

    Again all this is based on someone having hacked in.

    Good luck
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    Hi Sami,

    I've been chatting with the support of my web hosting company.
    It seems that the offending URL belongs to another account.

    They escalated the issue to their admin and should resolve the matter shortly I hope.

    How did this page end up on my site? Beats me.
    Thanks for your assistance.
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    All kinds of funny (strange) things happen with shared hosting accounts.

    I really have been hacked before so when something similar happened again I thought it was another hack. It turned out it was just a glitch with my site and another site that shared the server with me.

    I've had just as strange things happen with a Virtual Dedicated Server. I guess Dedicated server hosting is the only way to stop this, I personally would rather put up with the few problems from time to time.

    It's not the cost of the Dedicated server that scares me it's the cost of support. My shared server hosting has top notch tech support who will help me with anything. Dedicated server support is horrible. At least for me.

    George Wright
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