What do you use to make your videos?

by Nolo
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So... Windows Movie Maker, Jings, Camstudio ?
I just need to create a video and manipulate it, without any voice recording. Was wondering what would be better.

Thanks a lot!
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    it depends what you need video for..windows movie maker is great free tool..

    I'm using Jing which is pretty cheep for what they are offering
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    I use Jing for screen capture, my old Canon Powershot digital camera for on camera "face" videos and Windows Movie Maker for slide show type videos and to mix them.

    You can upload the Windows Movie Maker file to Youtube and then download it from Youtube converted to MP4.

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      Originally Posted by TopOnlineIncome View Post

      Is there any site that will offer more details on how to use these tools that have been mentioned here.
      If you go to any of the company sites like Camtasia, or Jing they have FAQs on how to use their products.

      Usually, you can find these without having to buy anything.

      For Windows Movie Maker, if you have a PC you probably already have it pre-installed on your computer and therefore a user manual already there too.

      If not, a Google search for Windows Movie Maker brings up many sites with tutorials.

      Once you try using one of these tools they are pretty easy to understand right off because they are user friendly and self explanatory.

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    I use Jing for capturing images and I am comfortable with it. I rarely use Movie Maker.
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    I have Camtasia and windows movie maker. Personally I have been using windows movie maker more. Its so easy to use and understand. As "Matt M" mentions, you can upload and download from YouTube to change to format which is a great tip.

    Window Movie maker is also free which is great considering its capabilities
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    Camtasia, CamStudio, and Jing are "Screen Capture" programs that let you record what you are seeing and doing on your monitor screen.

    You can use Windows Movie Maker to make a movie out of slides with text messages on them and upload it as a "Video Article".

    Or you can use the screen captures with slides mixed.

    You can also use a web cam or digital camera that records and do a little "home movie" video imported to Windows Movie Maker and add "transitions" and "effects" to your movie.

    There is a free audio program that you can download called Audacity that will allow you to add your own soundtracks to your new movie.

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    I use camtasio for tutorials, guides and demos. I also use a flip camcorder and embed the video into camtasia...

    I think it's a fantastic tool and would recommend it to all..

    Download the 30 day trial and try it out.. I promise you will buy it..
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    I use Flip Video and Windows Video. The stuff I do is pretty basic. I've taken Premier Elements for a test drive - it's too slow on my PC.

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    I use UTipU. It's FREE and it is very easy to use.

    Quality is adequate. Check it out. Make flash files quick and EASY.
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    I use Jing Pro. $15/year. My only beef with it is the 5-minute limit per video, but you know, now that I think about it, that's a good thing for me. I'd ramble too much without that imposed limit.
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    I Use an Audio Recorder, Screen Shot Photos, and Edit them together with Final Cut Pro
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    I use camtasia studio 6. it's not the best, but it works great!

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    I`m using free video software camstudio.

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    Camtasia seems to be the tool of choice for internet marketers doing screen captures. Camstudio is free and can get the job done if you are doing simple things though.

    One nice thing about the new camtasia is that they make it pretty easy for you to create output that is either optimized for the web, or something higher quality such as a dvd to produce.


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    Camtasia is fun,easy to use and working great
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