Best Free Tools I use Everyday in my Business

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Hi Warriors,

I just made a post about this on my blog: I thought i should share this here too
and ask for the best free tools you use EVERYday in your business which are not
included in this list, yeah no repetitions

My Top Seven Are:

1. Firefox with its best plugins like SearchStauts, FireBug, Scrapbook and Videodownloader, foxtimer(to show current time in other cities, thank you Kevin for sharing this with me!)

2. VLC Media Player: Oh yeah this is the lightwieght media player i use everyday to play
any type of MEDIA without adding or instaling new codecs.

3. Free Download Manager to manage all downlaods, i prefer their LITE version.

4. CC Cleaner to remove all junk data Windows may have collected.

5. Foxit PDF Reader - My Top Favorite!*** It is FASTER than Adobe reader and also
very light-weight. I simply love it and use it everyday.

6. OpenOffice for pdf creation and to use where MS office is not available

7. Windows Live Writer - They say it is the ONLY best product Microsoft ever released
and it is FREE to use LOL.

If you have some tool , you cannot live without, please share, just make sure
it is not already listed in above list or shared by other Warrior in this thread. Also
please stick to Desktop Tools/Softwares for now. I really wanted to add GMAIL in the
list but i decided to make another list for services. So only Desktop softwares please!

Best Regards,
PS. Here is the detailed Blog post about the above list at my blog:
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