Releasing your pricing before the actual product?

by krull
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I've got an idea here but I'm not sure how to go about it. What I was thinking about is releasing the price of a product before it's released. I find this to actually be common practice with companies releasing whatever it is they're selling, but I'm not sure if this may be the way to go about it. For example, long before gaming consoles are released, the price is put everywhere.

I was thinking that releasing the pricing information before the product launch may work for you in a good way since you can probably get a better idea of how many people will be interested in buying it before it's released. Most will probably scatter once they see, so you'll be left with only serious people who are with you on what you'll be releasing.

What would you do?
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    The problem with releasing a price before the "new" product is that you won't be able to do good price testing. Usually with known products, a certain price range is usually accepted by the general public. Is your product digital?
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      It's digital, yes, and it's actually a monthly recurring membership price.
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    I wouldnt just blatantly release the price - build up to and justify it first and you'll be fine - give people reasons for the price and use price "anchoring" by discussing what similar products or services would be selling for that are much more expensive and what value you bring to the table for the price you are asking - its all about price justification and if people can see the value in it, you'll have no problem getting what you are asking

    If you are seriously looking to do a product launch, you should have a system in place for building up to the launch before you ever think of mentioning price by taking the time to build you launch "story" and answering objections in your prospects minds - As one of Jeff Wlaker's product launch managers, have found this absolutely necessary to successfully launch any type of product

    If you have any questions or are interested in a launch review, feel free to PM me with your questions
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    On the other hand, I once announced a future product to my list and told them what the price would, but offered them a 50% discount if they paid for the product now.

    The result?

    I don't remember exactly how much I made, but it was between a thousand and fifteen hundred bucks - so my subscribers actually paid me in advance to write this particular ebook. Then of course, I sold a great many more copies after it was actually written.

    Just a thought.

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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