Newbies Quick Tip.....Stop Reading

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Yea Yea I know reading is fundamental, but in IM it can hinder you. I read everything on this forum when I first got started. Then I noticed I had no success of my own to claim why you ask?

Because I was not working on my own goals to busy reading every post on this great forum. Sometimes you have to ignore it and get started on your own travels.

There is a thousand plans and strategies to get started, pick ONE and follow it through!

Holla Back.
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    Very good point indeed. Sometimes we can lose ourselves in reading material because we truly believe it will make us smarter and better in our online marketing efforts. Fact is...too much of anything can be a bad thing.

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    Agreed...I wasted a good 2 weeks on here just reading info. Very VERY good stuff (especially the War Room), but I wasn't DOING anything, just absorbing info and only making maybe 30 bucks a day if I was lucky. It wasn't until I really settled down and started to really implement the things I had learned that I started to see some real money. You can very easily lose a few hours surfing around this forum!!

    Originally Posted by Alumni View Post

    Holla Back.
    Woot woot!

    Something funny, clever and original.

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      Do it
      if it fails do it differently
      if it fails do it differently
      if it fails do it differently
      if it fails do....

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    I would agree. I try to limit my time on here to a couple of hours a day right now. There is lots of good information but there is only so much you can take in at one time anyway.
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  • A good idea might be to search the forum based on your specific interests or a specific strategy at the point that you're working on it/learning about it. Then you're taking in information you can put to work right away!

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