Does "Adsense Arbitrage" Still Works?

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I did some adsense arbitrage back at the Ol' good internet days; but I was wondering if it still works. Any of you still doing it? can you share your results?
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    anyone still using this method? for those of you that don't know what adsense arbitrage is, its simply just getting traffic from another ppc source and take them to adsense pages to generate revenue from higher-paid clicks.

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    Ok... I guess no one is doing it then.. Thank you anyways

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    The short answer is no, it doesn't work anymore. Ever since july/aug 2007 Google has been cracking down hard on arbitrage and actively banning adsense accounts that do.
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    Wow, thank you... I'm certain someone must have "cracked" the code by now though. Hackers always find a loophole to exploit.

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      From what I have seen so far, arbitrage still works...check out this link from a Google adsense case study:
      (credit to the guys at for directing me to the link)

      But heres the deal... you can use ppc traffic to your adsense pages but make sure that you have quality content and if possible 1 or 2 other offers (affiliate links/cpa links) on your page and not just adsense.(Again...dont stuff your page with too many affiliate links). If your page is an MFA (made for adsense page) ie just a bunch of ads ,some duplicate content and nothing much of value, it will raise a red flag.Google has been cracking on these kind of MFA websites

      If you play it right, it has potential.

      Hope this helps....if anyone has any suggestions/views on the topic....lets discuss...

      You shall Remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you Power to get Wealth
      - Deuteronomy 8:18

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  • It's possible, Google is a lot harder on landing pages and click payouts, so you'll have to fine tune.

    I was doing it a few months ago, spending about $500 on PPC daily, making $100 or so profit daily. If I went down for a day, or something bugged out on me, I could lose profit for the entire week, and it was hard to monetize the extra traffic that wasn't clicking and leaving, so I scrapped it.

    Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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    i m still using arbitrage method to earn from adsense. i m gettting 300% ROI , but i my investment will be around 500 USD. google doesn't say anything about adsense arbitrage in their TOS page. but we should aware about that , dont violate adsense TOS, if you do like that you never get banned

    Keep on earning through adsense arbitrage
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