How important is preselling?

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compared to just "directing a visitor to the merchant's webpage?"

if u could rate it "1-10" in importance that would be great aslo n tell why u did it pleease!

I've made a website and trying to presell, but finding to ask myself... what am i doing? lol... is it easier to just buy a top level domain and go to merchants page?

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    Hi There:

    I'm going to assume that you are selling affiliate products for this post.

    You will get much better sales if you create review pages for pre-selling. You can put reviews for several related affiliate products on the same page. Only put links to the affiliate sales letters on this page.

    For ideas for your reviews, check out ezinearticles reviews and type in your product name/keywords on google and check out the landing pages you will find with the PPC ads. You will always make more sales by adding something to the sales process.

    Even better is to submit articles relating to the product to ezinarticles, then link to your review pages. Don't forget to cloak your affiliate links.

    Best of luck with your project!

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    Originally Posted by cloudchaser22 View Post

    compared to just "directing a visitor to the merchant's webpage?"

    if u could rate it "1-10" in importance that would be great aslo n tell why u did it pleease!

    I've made a website and trying to presell, but finding to ask myself... what am i doing? lol... is it easier to just buy a top level domain and go to merchants page?


    Importance of pre-selling - 10.

    It's really that important.

    As an affiliate your top mission is to create a real interest in the product you want to promote.

    One of the best ways - create a small info product packed full with knowledge and useful stuff with up-sell to your main affiliate product. This one's killer!


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    Absolutely at least a 7 or 8. The buy rate on the first exposure to a product is way lower than when they've seen it before, even if it was just on your site before arriving at the merchant's. If you're going to do affiliate marketing, find a way to sell the product before generating the affiliate click.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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      I'm unclear as to if you've developed your own product/service, or if you're working as an affiliate. Either way, I think it's important to drive traffic to a squeeze page in which the sole purpose is to collect names and e-mails into your auto-responder (I recommend Email Marketing Software, Email Newsletters and Autoresponders by AWeber).

      On your auto-responder, you have a series of pre-written sales message that you put on a drip - first one immediately, then one the next day, then another one a few days after that and so on. Most people don't buy the first time they see an opportunity. So by collecting their contact info, you can continue to sell them on your product. Just don't send too many too often, or they'll just unsubscribe!

      Another thing that a unique squeeze page can do for you is that it will make you stand out from the crowd. If you're doing any traffic exhanges, safelist advertising, solo ads, etc... and you use the same page everyone else is using to promote your opportunity... you're trying to sell the same opportunity to the same people that have already said "no"!

      So you gotta make your page stand out. Have great graphics. Add a video, or powerpoint presentation, or audio. Put your picture on it to start branding yourself. Put testimonials. Don't make it too long - remember - the goal is to get their contact info.

      Also, don't forget to offer something to them for giving you their info - free ebook, report, recording, etc. that will compliment your product.

      Hope this helps!
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    There is another side to this.

    Most people will tell you it is a ten out of ten but they would be wrong in some cases.

    What if you are buying traffic and you are selling in a high volume commoditiy market? - direct linking may be more effective. Some lists convert at low numbers if you try and intercept them and this is something you will need to test.

    If you are getting traffic of people who ALREADY WANT TO BUY then pre-selling can slow them down or piss them off.

    Do you want a long term asset - a list / database - or do you want the right now cash.

    So - The answer depends on the situation.

    Are you promoting to lookers and trying to educate them - or are they about to click the add to cart button?

    Would you rather have ten times more traffic to ten more offers or one stream of traffic to one offer. (Setting up pre-sells takes longer).

    Would you rather take more business and incubate / educate them or just go for the pin head that represents the buy now customer in more markets.

    Are you selling a product that needs a pre-sell at all?

    Where are you getting the traffic - are they already familiar with you or are they stone cold?

    Try both and use the one that works best for your situation.
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    Mark Joyner once said that the MOST important part of persuasion (and yes selling is persuasion) is the FRAME. So if you can control the state of mind how people come to the affiliate site it'll dramatically increase your sales.

    In other words. Very important

    I suggest you do a review or video about the results you've gotten.
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    Wow, good answers (I now know the importance of pre-selling) thanks for the awesome advice guys!!

    I'm a starter, but I am willing to try everything I can to be a successful internet marketer and chase my dreams. If you can answer any of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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