My 50th post! I want to use it to say Thanks to Allen for a great place to hang and Learn.

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My 50th post and I will use it to say thanks to Allen for such a great place. I have learned so much here that you guys will be seeing me here for awhile to come. I can now PM !

Thanks Allen !!
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    Man you took 2 years to reach 50 posts! Whats your 'avg. posts per day thing?'

    Anyways, hopefully we'll see more of your posts from now on - and yes - Congratulations!
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    Had to ask didnt you?
    I joined 2 years ago. Didnt come around here for a long time. Just too many directions to go and too many distractions when you are just learning. I had to opt out of so many things. My inbox would get slammed everyday with why I should buy this or see that. Got tired of it. Turned down the volume. Came back to where I got my start and realized this is where I should have stayed.
    I got sooo burnt out on all the sales pitches that it has really turned me against trying to do the same. This has had me doing a lot of soul searching till I came up with a niche that I can really help people that need it. Once I get the traffic part of it down by giving the people that need and want what this niche has to offer with a free site to come to, then the pros that want in front of this market will be coming to me wanting to advertise.
    I get real excited talking about it but I need to stop before I give too much info away.

    Simply put:
    Great People will meet at great places (Like WF) and that is who I want to be around.
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