What To Put In The Insert Of a DVD Product?!?

by SeanyG
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I hope you're doing well.

I am re-doing the packaging for one of my physical products. The insert (sheet of paper on the inside of the cover) is currently just a cool picture.

What would you recommend putting on the inside of the cover?

- A cool image and some text directing them back to the website?
- Connect information: "follow me on twitter / youtube"?
- Ads for different products?
- Customer service info?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Your creative ideas are appreciated!

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    Link to a free "Exclusive Report". Then OTO/Upsell them after download.

    Coupon for 10% off a $500 Mastermind session with you.

    A phone number to call to upsell them verbally to your continuity.

    Regardless, also include a link to your support desk.

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      Awesome Blue Squares! Thanks!

      I will do these!

      Anyone else have any ideas?

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    Hey man!

    I have the same questions, and thought about it for a while, and here
    are my solutions that I will be doing...

    If its a free DVD that you ship out, like your free DVD you give to
    people. Then your goal is get them to open the DVD and view
    the material, so you can sell 'em on the complete package.

    So the insert would be a call to action on why they should open
    the DVD, and watch it now! Get 'em back excited about the topic.

    If its a paid product, I think you should again try and get them to
    actually use the DVD or make it a coupon or something that leads
    'em back to a website of yours.
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    I include directions, support info, phone #, and website URL on both the back of the cover and the DVD/CD. I also include a coupon which I change from time to time and have different ones for different purchases. I'll bet I've gotten at least 25% response on the offers over the years. I even get calls from people who have seen the DVD/CD and want to buy it.

    This from buyers as I have never tried the free offer deal. Once a buyer, they will often buy again given the opportunity.
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