How do you run YOUR list?

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I'll start off by saying I'm a complete IM newbie, and I have concluded that one of the 'general methods' in affiliate marketing is driving the traffic, building a list and selling the product.

I ask, how do you pre-sell a product to your list without just throwing 'buy buy buy' into their faces?

I've signed up to a lot of lists in the last several months, but most of these (IM niche) just direct me to sales pages... and I don't think people like being flat-out sold to... or that the people running the lists have a clue what's inside the products they're selling. In the past I've signed up to lists in niches that I was interested in buying, but I think I unsubscribed mostly because these too, were just flat-out sales.

Can anybody give me any light/direction on this matter? How do you, in any niche pre-sell the product without sounding like some overhyped salesman?

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