Any Good Forums for Dating Signature Links?

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Hey Warriors,

Have just finished throwing together a dating website (affiliate offers). Looking to use paid traffic in the long term but no spare time to expand the content for adwords until the New Year. Would like a handful of quick free traffic to make sure that it converts.

Anybody know of any good popular forums for this type of site that permit signature links?

Please PM me if you don't want to share publicly.

Much appreciated.

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    Depending on the type of dating site you're promoting you might be inclined to test signature files on adult website forums. They have plenty of traffic and lots of it will be looking for dates ;-).

    Another good way to generate free traffic to a dating site is to use twitter profile of a pretty girl. Link her profile URL to your website and promoted every once in a while with tweets.

    That's my advice :-)
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        Originally Posted by Andy1750 View Post

        And that's why I love the Warrior Forum! Top advice.
        He's too classy to say it himself, but Brad has an awesome product out there on promoting dating sites as an affiliate. Look for "personality marketing" in the WSO forum, you should find it.
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    go to where you can find all the forums related to your niche

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    You could sign up on GFY and put your link to your dating site in your signature.
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    we have hundreds of forums related to dating .you can find these forums easily from gogle.
    but your focus should be at high p.r and dofollow forums.

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    Backlink form website from you're niche is important try to find it in gogole
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    High ranking sites never allow to put your signature and it require ages to have. Try finding low PR forums and make a do follow signature for better ranking.
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