How To Get FREE Targeted Traffic To Your Website Plus Branding

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There are probably so many ways using which you can get targeted traffic to your blog. People come to forums and ask for different ways they can get traffic to their website. The replies are mostly:

1. PPC
2. Organic
3. Social Media
4. Article Marketing
5. Participating In Forums

But these are just the popular ones among the many other working methods to get free targeted traffic (PPC is not free though).

I use few more methods to get traffic to my website and that is Blog Commenting.

What Is Blog Commenting?
You visit a blog, read a post and make a comment.

How Can It Get Traffic To Your Website?
When you make a comment on a blog, you will be asked for your website url. Your name in the comment will get linked to your website. People reading the comment might click your name and visit your blog.

How Much Visitors Can You Get?
It depends on how much you comment and how SMART you comment.

5 Things You Should Do
Try to be the first commentator
Comment in your niche blogs
Comment on popular blogs first
Use your name to comment and not a keyword
Contribute to the blog post

5 Things You Should Not Do
Spam the blog
Link to affiliate products
Post one line comments
Abuse the author just because you don't agree with the OP
Create a fight in the comments section

If you comment first on the famous blogs in your niche, you will surely get 10-20 visitors for one single comment. The more you participate, the more FREE visitors you will get.

I have a lot more about blog commenting. I wrote a series of posts about blog commenting in my blog. I will give it away here in this forum once I compile it into an ebook(For free without any requirement for opting to my mailing list. In fact, I don't have a mailing list. Don't blame me, I will start a list soon.)

Hope the information I have shared is helpful to some of the people in the forum.
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    Hey Ramkarthik,

    Thanks for the very useful information abt hoe to increase the blog traffic,
    will follow these guide lines to get more traffic for my blog...
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    • Profile picture of the author DASHBOY
      Hey man, It is pleasure to read your tips. Those are really great.
      However, my worries are about on how to find blog related to our niche. It is possible to findout at least 5-10 blog sites, But It is better to find out more blog domains and leave comment to get more traffic. I always used google & search for "notify me when new comments are added"keyword - to get blogs relatead to my niche, but it is very hard to get good blogs. Do you have any other tricks?
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  • Profile picture of the author zoulkifl
    Nice post.
    A good comment on a high traffic blog can bring you instant targeted traffic for life. It will also create a persona online. People will know you and automatically follow you (well if you also have a blog).

    What far more affective is a guest post. It occupies more space than a blog comment. People get to read more content and have a better chance of liking you and what you have to offer.
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    Blog commenting is great for getting some quick traffic and building a little name. I always participate in blog commenting the first 30 days of establishing my website. Usually after that I rely on my articles and seo.

    Just an added tip that has gotten me the best results: Be controversial. Disagree with the original poster and give your explanation why. Now I'm not saying flat bash the OP because that will just bring negative thoughts to you, but show his perspective at a different angle. When I do this, I make sure to write a blog post focused on what I'm talking about and leave that url in the form.

    It works wonders for me and has opened up some doors with authority people in my niches. It gets conversation going easier then a usual "Nice point man, you're spot on".

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      Combine organic SEO techniques with SMO techniques and get highe volume of traffic towards your website.

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    As someone who has a couple of blogs, it is great to get relevant comments that contribute to the discussion. What I hate though is countless automated spam comments that say nothing about what I have written about - usually full of praise about how wonderful blog is!! I always hit the "reject" button for these.
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