Thousands of searches and no competition!

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I don't want to derail (or diminish) Danny's thread, "Can't stop smiling today!!", so I'll start this one, to explore it a bit differently. Grats, Danny!

12,000 searches a day, little competition, got the domain name for the keywords, too!

Is this necessarily a good thing? I'm only trying to learn the evaluation process with this question. If I'm learning rightly, so far, then this scenario is initially only promising, right? To be very excited about it, aren't assumptions about the niche being made, eg. that there are a profitable number of unfulfilled buyers searching those keywords?

Isn't "little competition" a bit simplistic (I don't mean that negatively), too? Perhaps just ONE website is fulfilling those buyers. A further step in the process has to be evaluating that competition. Are these questions on the right track?
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    The bottom line is, are the people doing these searches willing buyers? Or are they simply searching the web for free answers? That's where the testing comes in. Very often when there is a niche with many searches but not being marketed to, it's because that niche is not interested in buying. There are also niches that are untapped profits waiting to happen! Hopefully you've found one!
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