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We've all heard the mantra that 'the money is in the list' and clearly its critical that we go about building a database of highly responsive subscribers as quickly as possible. But I've seen a number of services online claiming to generate and provide responsive leads through co registration. Has anyone genuinely had any real success and turned a profit with these services?


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    I am glad that you wrote about this because this is driving me crazy. I can tell you my experience at least and I am willing to bet that many have had similar experiences.

    I purchased a total of 250,000 "leads" and these were supposed to have been less than 1 month old and only shared with a total of 3 different people. Sounded pretty good so I tried it because it was only $45.

    Co-registration leads can be good but the problem that I had was that there was no time stamp on them so I had no idea how old they were and I was unable to verify that these were targeted. I was mislead basically. I am always looking for ways to expand my list but as the "gurus" say, purchasing a list is not a very good way to go.

    I have found that Glen Hopkins has a program that is endorsed by many, many different "gurus" and will provide about 1300 different double opt in subscribers for $97 a month. You can even utilize one of the suggested auto-responders and they will automatically be added to your newsletter and auto-responder for that fee.

    Because Glen is a #1 best selling author with his Lucrative List Building book, I would say that THIS would be something to look into if you're considering purchasing leads. It is the only program that I've seen that offers double opt in leads. Co-registration leads, to my knowledge, are NOT double opt in and by law, you must only email them once and ask them to subscribe to YOUR auto-responder or you are technically spamming them if you mail them repeatedly.

    In short, I think you should not waste your time on co-registration leads. Perhaps another marketer may provide better insight or experience than I have.

    Hope that helps you George.


    Craig Raphael
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    Try GetSubscribers and SimplerLeads

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