Is this loading slow?

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Hello Warriors,

I have been told that my site The UK Casino Forum - Casino Help - Beat The Casino - loads slow

does it?

If it does how the hell do you speed up a wordpress site? I have gone through and removed plugins I am not using.


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    It is a little slow, but not too bad for me. Of course, I have cable internet and believe it or not there are still people working with dial up. To speed it up you can take some of the graphics off of it.
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    Hi Danny, I checked out your site and it loaded in 4 seconds.Not bad at all!
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    You have a lot of banners and stuff on that page. It took a while to load. But, nice theme.

    Well, get a detailed analysis:
    Pagetest - where web sites go to get FAST!
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    For me,it's a little slow and them may cause you lose some vistors.Let alone wordpress
    itself,the speed is also determined by the hosting solution you are using.You'd better
    pay attention to these two aspects.
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    There are so many variables and reasons why a site could be loading slow, you can't really narrow it down to just one or two. These are just a few causes that play into site performance:

    * shared hosting
    * user's CPU
    * user's internet connection
    * code used on site
    * number of images on site (and whether or not they are optimized)

    Looks like you're using a number of javascript files on the site, which can also slow the load time down.
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      Took about 6 secs to load all the pics. Try the plugin WP Super Cache, that might help.

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      The site loads ok. Since it's a Wordpress site you can speed it up by installing Wordpress super cache plugin.
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