Newbie Question : How do you keep up with all of your passwords?

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How do you keep up with all of your passwords? They are starting to get a bit much as I set up all of my sites. Is there any software or browser add ons out there?
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    There are softwares and the like, but I just have a simple system for my passwords. I've got maybe 6 or 7, and all have numbers and letters, and I've been using them all for years and havn't been hacked. At least not on those passwords.

    Sorry to be of no help, but I'm not sure where there is a password program.

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    Originally Posted by swilliams09 View Post

    How do you keep up with all of your passwords? They are starting to get a bit much as I set up all of my sites. Is there any software or browser add ons out there?
    Roboform on the PC

    1Password on the Mac
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    I am sure there will be many come forward with RoboForm - I really couldn't do without it now!
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    Safest way to remember password is to remember a person and label that password. I do that way. That works for me as memory exercise.

    If you're looking for password manager then KeyWallet & Mypadlock are two of your choices.
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    I use same passwords, all complex for critical items, a normal simple password for all other purposes. I reuse all my passwords, when expired use them round robin.

    Thank you.
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    Another vote for Roboform

    It has a trial version, try it for few days and see the difference.

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      I Always use the same password where I can so I never forget it
      This was my method for a long long time----until my PayPal was hacked for $150.00 one morning and it took me over a week and $58.00 in real money to get it back.

      Now I rely on Roboform, using different accounts for personal and business. Also change-out p/w frequently. Easiest way for me to come up with one that is memorable is to flip open a bible and use whatever verse pops up. Hard to duplicate and easy to replace.

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    Set up a word document . Type in the full url of the site . This will make it clickable .
    Put log in details below it .

    Do this again for all programs that require passwords

    Not software or fancy but an old school remedy that works and is free .

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    The old fashion way ... Pen and Paper.. I do not keep any passwords on my system at all.

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  • Profile picture of the author sridhar is free and awesome!

    I have a paid license for Roboform that I stopped using after I discovered LastPass.
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      Originally Posted by sridhar View Post is free and awesome!
      I totally agree...LastPass has a password generator, too. A great time-saver for those "throw-away" logins...and useful for random passwords.

      The LastPass Vault is a wonderful (free) tool...highly rated on the FireFox plugin site.


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    Use one ID and password for everything EXCEPT your financial accounts. Always use an easy to remember word with at least 2 digits in it, since some places will force you to do so. That way, you can just use the same ID and password for everything, and not have to worry about remembering a bunch of different ones. Just make sure you use a different set for any secure accounts. NEVER use this ID/PW for any accounts except the secure accounts
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    Roboform gets my vote, too. Used it for years.

    Here's a free browser plugin.
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    If you use Firefox, add the xmarks program. (You can download it directly from or from the FF add ons page.) Then you can set it to back up all your bookmarks and your passwords as well (optional). It will encrypt your passwords and they cannot be recovered if you loose your pin. It is also the best bookmark back up system I have ever come across.

    The site mentioned above is sort of an industrial strength version of the same thing for FF, but it is a bit more clumsy to deal with. I tried it but got rid of it.

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    I love roboform!
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    The best and easiest thing to do is stay organized. Simply write them all down....which is definitely easier said than done. Regarding the other suggestions i.e Roboform I haven't looked into and perhaps now I will since people are having good results with it.
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    I use to keep a separate notebook with all the info. (ie domain name, email used to sign up, user name, password), but after a while this got to be to cumbersome. Roboform is a good option but unfortunately it costs money which I didn't have at the time. Then I found lastpass, this little firefox plugin is a life saver. User names and passwords are stored remotely so I can access them from any computer and don't have to worry about something happening to my computer.

    hope this helps,
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    I have a great free solution that works equally as well as Roboform. It is now available for all major browsers - IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari (for Mac OS). It is called LastPass -

    I absolutely can't live without it. I highly recommend you start using it ASAP, it has simplified password management for me tremendously!
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      Good old fashioned notepad baby!!!

      Like this:





      Simple, yet effective. I am just worried about when I reach the 100 website mark whether this will still work or not.

      I just now upgraded to using excel spreadsheets to keep better track of my sites. I like it so far
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    Roboform. It is, simply put and not exaggerating, the BEST money I've ever spent for software.
    Absolutely invaluable.
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      I use an excel spreadsheet personally as I have just recently developed this problem but it seems like I will be ordering ROBOFORM based on recommendations from the warriors on this thread. Thanks Warrior Forum
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    Roboform and FF do it all for me except for important financial stuff. Couldn't be without either of them.

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    I've been working away at IM since February. I started with one tab in an Excel spreadsheet where I kept my few little log ins and passwords. This spreadsheet is now 14 tabs of information with a backup copy on an external drive. I have one tab for each of the following: Search Engine, Bookmarks, Article Directories, Forums, RSS, Photo Sites, Affiliates, Blogs and a separate tab for each website I manage.

    Within each of the website tabs, my log ins associated with those websites are sorted into sections similar to the tab titles. This way, if (when) I go to flip the website, I can quickly copy and paste all the associated log ins into a file for the new owner.

    Then, I use a Firefox plug-in called iMacros to automatically log me in to whatever type of sites I need do a particular set of work. If I want to log in to all of my affiliate accounts, I run my Affiliate macro which I've already programmed with all of my log ins. It brings each account up in a separate tab, logs me in and is programmed to go right to the page I want to check.

    Takes a little set up and some resorting every now and then to keep my little spreadsheet method going but I won't lose my passwords, it's free, and I can find what I need when I need it. The boosted automation with iMacros makes things a little easier, too.
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    stick 'em in a folder called my passworditos
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    I have a simple solution. I have a notepad file with all my site logins and any other notes I want to keep handy. Serial #s also. I just use the "Find" feature in notepad to jump to exactly the login I want.
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    I use an excel spreadsheet and I keep
    it handy. It works for me.

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    For those who create their own password, I read a neat way to make an almost unbreakable one.
    Take a sentence and convert the first letter of each word to your password. Ad a couple characters and you are in business.
    i.e. I love to walk on the beach with my Wife and dogs.
    IltwotbwmWad First lettter of each word
    Iltwot$bwm#wad add a couple characters
    Ilt23wot$bwm#wad put a number in it. etc etc.
    fairly easy to remember, difficult to crack passwords

    I love $ and give a % to charity every month =Il$aga%tocem

    Of course Roboform does that for you and you don't have to remember it. The only problem I see, if your computer crashes and Roboform has all of these eqEv#j5QLLeiGlbC (I just had roboform create that one) type passwords you can't remember, how do you access your various sites. --- BACKUP your Roboform passwords regularly to an external disk.
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    Either LastPass (free), or RoboForm (paid) will do.
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    I have been using RoboForm for about 2-years with no problems

    Start there and you will be OK

    Best Regards
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      I agree everwith all the posts voting RoboForm. Worth the few nickles to buy. I used other methods for years, but after buying RoboForm I realized just how much time I'd been wasting.

      I still don't keep financial logins any place but my head though. Just anal that way.

      Make sure to set a STRONG master password, it's another level of precaution in the event your system ever gets compromised.
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    I also keep a current printout of my extensive password collection in my safe deposit box. Just in case. Okay, I'm paranoid.

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    I use an excel spreadsheet. Its atleast better than Word application or notepad.

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    Roboform is the way to go. I use the same password everwhere except in very important places. (paypal etc)
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